This Laughing Face

I remember the times we spend sharing roads,
The feel of you, so tight against my back
Old bike throbbing beneath us, world streaming by
I just wonder, was this love, was this us?

The warmth of those times, world of blues, flushest of greens,
Without you there, would I have ever seen?

Willing to give up, everything and all
Just for your sake, of these moments with you
Is there anything, I forgot to give?

Setting in darkened rooms, watching you slumber,
Songs dancing in my head, from the music we two created.
As my heart breaks, I try to fall asleep,
But still, all our memories stir in my mind.
With every passing day, this feeling, tender, stronger,
And with every moment, my love grows.

The pressure and pain, not talking, not seeing you
Insanity knocks, reason slips through fingers gone numb
I really need, to feel, to know we’re still one,

Do you remember, all the laughter and the fun?
Sharing our love, our joys, all our fun,
I can’t let it go, can’t accept that it’s gone
So I hide my broken heart, beneath this laughing face…….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 19th, 2008


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