Till Then

I know that you miss me
But alas I was called home
And you think it a shame that I died so young
The smallest of time, freedom or life
A meager light touch of love, joy or peace
Not near enough time, a waste at the least

But time holds power o’er all of this pain
Like the change to our lives cold winter brings
It’s ever so hard to watch the green fade away
A startling finish of an entire summers display
Even while knowing life brings us change
It is still hard to extreme to at last let go

Don’t write off my journey
Even though it was short
Find all the reminders of our shared joy and strife
Hold to the memories, the good and the bad
Think of all the wonderful times we both had
Sharing this world while walking this path

And as winter wanes, and days grow longer
The pain will it will fade and you’ll grow stronger
For spring is never that far away
And the time for us to meet another day…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 15th, 2007

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