Times End

Here I stand at the end of time
Mind a jumble from memories of what was
I hear all the voices, all the words ever said
My eyes swim with visions, the living and the dead
What great crime did I commit, evil did I do
To be locked within this space of instance
Seeing that, which cannot be touched

Was it a fault of mine, that I survived
Invisible and invincible
By not being seen, darkness rarely struck
And when the blow did land, solid and strong
I stood my ground and fought
You condemn me because all you see
The differences me to you
My being dissimilar from all the rest
Brought you to ignore, to shun, and scorn

But I don’t ignore them, though none are a friend
I hold only pity, know them for blind
Because I am not them, can never be
I am only myself, with my differences and faults
Yet I can still see the truth, through the smoky dark
I watch them fall, divided and in chaos
Watched them die together, alone in the crowd

I could not provide aid, ere so soulfully I want
Even reaching out my hand, help for the drowning
Was reason enough, for them to strike
My tears fell as rain, to the blood muddied ground
As the last of them fell, kicking then still
And here I stand, at the end of time
Lonely as in the entirety of my journey
But I can still see, with clarity and compassion
That which cannot be touched

And I await eternity’s end…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 5th, 2007


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