Second Chances

Feel the rain
Gentle glistening softness on my skin
It seems so long now, ages foregone
Unbearable age to go without this gift
So long to be locked in this unfeeling shell

Visions of years long past
Sun traveling but a blur of circles
Skies a majestic brilliance of blues
Birdsong filled, the joy of living
Voices of life drifting on musical wind
So long put aside, cast away, foresweared

This feeling
Gone, years lost, now all seems anew
A word not remembered, touch unfelt
Long lost to the emptiness consuming my core
Forgotten until this moment, this place, now
Returning only when you came into view

And it is you
Like dawn’s warmest rays, fresh and clean
A rebirth of what was so long lost
Leading me toward the light of caring
Gentle guidance, encouraging pulling aid
To learn to love once more

These sensations, to feel again
All I had given up, pushed brashly aside
With your simple glance, you return it
Slipping through the reluctance and fear
A chance once more, a glimmer of hope
Dare I tread this path again?

Fear so strong, memories burn
My protective walls yet hold
But the want still fills me
Ever the echo in my emptiness
And ever the never-ending need
I somehow must reach for this prize

To me you give
A poor man’s last chance
To relearn to love once more
With the magic of your spirit
And the light of your smile
Opportunity to regain who I was

If I but dare to make the journey……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 7th, 2008


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