I find I do not mind that I’m alone
For each long day and dark of night
No fear of the unknown troubles me
In this solitude I take delight.
Throughout my days and even nights

The memories flood through me, not loneliness but delight
My few wants are met, my needs grown small
My many hours filled with countless pleasures to recall
And as I commune with so many long-gone friends
Time turns back and I’m there again

I have no burdens, no concern for fads or trends.
Just let allow me to converse with my long lost friends,
Contentment fills me with the view from long ago
Through these age weathered eyes, and a slipping minds mess
What more could I ask here at journeys last

So serenity I’ve found at last.
I’m well content to view the Past
I have no fear of the great unknown
Serenity I’ve found at last – I do not mind that I’m alone…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 12th, 2007


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