What Will Come

What Will Come?

How will my grand-daughter live?
Will she live a better life than now?
What world awaits her questing path?
Will she still hear the songs that I now sing?
Will she know the world we now share?
Will she remember the times before?
Will she heed the wisdom of her ancestors?
These questions bring doubt and pain deep inside.

Grandfather’s storied history of our ancestors and their lore.
Of my people, standing tall and proud of who they are.
Tales of how we came to be a part of this land.
Tales of the pain, tears, struggles and fears.
Of journeys built of hopes and dreams.
Will she remember?

Spirit driven, my people have always shared our food and land.
We worked for hope and peace, sharing what we had, our spirit and love.
Others came and abused our gifts.
They made to shame us, hurt us, and remove us from the land.
We learned to hide our ways, hide to keep from being hurt even more.
Avoiding being hurt and yet holding on to the truths we knew.

I listen to the wind and Grandfather tells me to be proud and hold my head up high.
Pride in knowing truth, living with beauty, honor, and with love and tolerance.
Pride in knowing I have taught my grand-daughter to listen.
Comfort in how she holds firmly to Spirit, Life, and Earth.
I have helped guide her path to a life full of beauty, happiness, and love.
Her future journey filled with love, respect, and tolerance.

And now I know.
My dreams will live on forever as my great grand-children are born,
The world they journey through will be better than the one now.
And they will also know the joys of all of creation, all of life.
And they will have beads and feathers to be proudly worn.

Listen closely and hear my song on the winds.
My song of life and love.
And if you listen well, over the distance you will hear my grand-father’s contented sigh.
He smiles down upon us his grand-children and this, our wonderful world.
The medicine circle is complete,
And the great wheel turns yet again…

Author: Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Nov. 5th, 2006

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