Why Again

This year, we still fight, on the sands in the east
Dying and killing, on the Baghdad road
And in the mountains of Abdullah Gan, Afghan children still cry
Dust of our armor, dark evil cloud in their world

We wash our feet, in the waters of the Congo
While millions are slaughtered like meat
And preach that only we know, what is right and is true
And if you don’t believe, our armies will teach

We are the barbarians, manslaughter for greed
A disease spreading across the whole globe
Leaving nothing behind, but blanched skulls and bones
Making sure the oil continues to flow

We’ve allowed a new emperor, gave him total control
He bends minds with a religious beacon of fire
And the fire ever burns, as he drags out new fuel
For to this war, there seems to be no end

In the battlefield created, our men grapple and die
Believing not else but what told
They must hold to that belief, no matter how wrong
For there is no other way to survive

And while widows and orphans, utter woeful sad cries
Ravens and kites rejoice at the feast
Pecking at human entrails, gorging on the waste
All the bounty we provide in disgrace

A sad state of affairs, ego driven and brash
To be carried on through futures yet foreseen
They hang trophies for display, crossed branches of dead trees
So our men will have something for to fight

And the dead and the dying, a smear in the desert
Grand generals accomplishing not
And continue they will, escalation and storm
Fighting a war that is all based on naught

Oh, nefarious war! Would that I could cast you aside
And drape the world in peace once more……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 27th, 2007

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