Love Unknown

I hold you with these gentle reverent hands
As mountain peaks hold to new dawn sun
In awe and wonderment, a vision you bring
Sweetness of spring, birth and begin

If I could but shield, hide away
Repel howling storms and wind
Cradle wrap, ere protect
Save you from the pain

A dream, I dare wish
Future bright, a bond
Magic in your slightest touch
Gift a glance to feel your warmth

With passionate lip, the lightest brush
To see you begin open and bloom
Moisture gather, liken dew on flower
Fruition come none too soon

To spend my days, within your realm
Cannot but help to treasure each moment
I would give all that I have, lay down this life
For to have you smiling and happy once more

You’ve become my existence, my reason for being
This journey only to continue for you
Yet the sad part of this, the unwritten story
I cannot bring myself to ever tell you…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 25th, 2007


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