I sit upon the mountaintop
Just as the sun goes down
The sky alight with the brilliance of fire
Glowing orb sinking deep in the ground

My mind searches for you, out there in the world
And I wonder for the millionth of times
Can I stretch my love out, reach across all those miles
For I miss you so much it’s a crime

As the shadows of evening, draw to a close
And the night crawlers spread cross the land
I want you to reach out, reach out where you are
And place yourself in my hands

I want you to know, the passion I have
The embers burning within
Memories of your sweetest of smiles
Shall we ever be together again

My travels have brought me, to far reaching places
But my journey grows lonely and long
If there was but a way, I’d have you right here
For this is the place you belong

But I know it can’t happen, really never will
These illusions I created, this dream but a sham
For the sad truth of the matter, hidden so long
You don’t even know who I am….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 2nd, 2007

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