Failure again
My world crashing down
Why do I keep trying
To all others I’m a clown

Never finding the way, to make it work out
Dreams, I dare imagine, stars attempted to reach
What I would have be forever
Not lasting more than a week

Forever is a fleeting moment
Shortest wondering though the dream
The dream of commitment and partner
No appreciation, turning mean

So for what do I put this effort
Face these self-defacing trials
What benefit or boon to me
All these pain ridden miles

Do I do it just for them
To add something to their joy
Is true, for this I have no regrets
I’ve done it since a boy

But in this struggle to fill their needs
Why cannot they fulfill my own
A bonded partner, with understanding
A mate with whom to build a home

Though my own may never be met
I take solace ere where I can
For if I give them one better day
Then I leave a bit more love across this land

So I will continue….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 7th, 2007

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