A Memory of Moment

Sunlight gently sweeping across my face
I awake, feeling the warmth, the peace
Puzzled, a forgotten memory I can’t trace
Finding an emptiness, not knowing something I should

Something left for later, only now comes to light
I don’t know who I am, where, why
Can’t remember, but this feels so good
Reality slams in like a train…..

Splashing of water in the room next door
Someone must be in there, but who
Wet footsteps slapping across the floor of the hall
Ever closer to the place where I lay

My entire existence, becomes the here and now
All changes as the door opens, fear falls away
Replaced by this newest wonder.
Visionary angel, taking my breath as she comes

She glides to me, flowing and free
Ever so gently she crawls into my bed
Smiling, feline lithe moments, animal purr
A new wonder

She hasn’t had enough of me yet…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 14th, 2008

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