I Had Need

I had need to go to the ends of the universe, reality dim, time forgotten
To drop like a falcon, heartbeat stilled, plunging through the turbulent frigid air
Falling ever faster, out of control, finally to splash into the cold dark sea far below

I slip below the surface, easing into every tidal shift
My body less corporeal, pale and washed out in the dim glow of the event horizon
Yet still holding to the precious past
Holding with vestige of human desire

From deep within the icy depths, I yet watch
I behold the next moonrise
Continue to see what others see
My visions clear, even from the depths of my submerged place
Water is no buoy, pressures too great, yet existence of a sort continues

I fight for you, my body
Spirit inadequate with corporeal human desire
Dreams as to surface once again as a Phoenix
Wings wrapped in golden fire, the very Sun bursting forth again
Heralded by a cacophony of clockworks pulsing to my body’s raspy rhythms

Water, it’s said, binds with buoyancy
Always lifting that which is held within
So I find myself the stone that nature rules
That which must sink deeper into the depths
Deeper before surfacing on some other beach, some other place
On someone else’s end of the universe…

And yet I still feel the need…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre May 19th, 2007


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