Journey Continue

On this day in December, a day like any other
I sit by this roadside, waiting, but for what
Unsure, yet still I wait, something more
Something needed

Grasping at concepts, never knowing why
I Just sit by this roadside and wait
time passes, life moves by
I wonder why I’m here

Days I’ve waited there
With patience and perhaps pride
Nothing interferes, nothing intrude
Silent contemplation, a peace builds inside

This day it dawns on me
Why do I sit and wait
This is not where I belong
This roadside not my fate

I spring up from my seat
Turn to and prepare
Once again the journey pulls
The world awaits out there

New memories to come
Discoveries yet to make
Friends unmet, sights unseen
I can no longer sit

I take the path, to venture forth
Embrace the great unknown
For tomorrows joys all lay ahead
Adventure and delight abound…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 10th, 2007


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