I stand upon the mountain top
High above the mist covered valleys so far below
The great sun slowly begins to burn its way into the sky from the east
The night reluctantly retreats to the west
It is a beginning

I listen as the night sounds begin to quiet
I listen as all the parts of the world begin to awake
The changes in the flow of life float gently against the shores of the all
There is a sense of motion building
It continues

I learn of the true meaning
I gleam understanding from nothingness
Of the great rolling turmoil of survival and progression
Of the rightness in the balance of existence
It becomes

I know now of importance and solecism
I have learned that which is sought yet missed
The center of what is me rejoins the center of all in perfect union
With each beginning a false end
It is…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 26th 2005


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