Let your mind be free
Free of attachments, hopes and fears
Free of wants, of the all the things that trouble you<
Those things that remind you of the emptiness held inside

Allow the peaceful calmness to take you
A building state of remembrance, re-uniting you with spirit
This childlike cozy comfort, this feeling of everlasting safety
The one love that unites us all throughout eternity

Remembering spirit, without thought, this is meditation
Clearness of mind revealing that which was, which is, and that yet to come
Knowing she is always awaiting, with joy in her eyes, love in her heart
Warmth, understanding, and healing, her unending gifts

It is she who I embrace in meditation
This kind and benevolent goddess, the Earth Mother of us all
The tranquility of meditation comes from her world, a world of peace and sharing
This peaceful deep meditation heals all wounds, ends all sorrows

And you learn the great truth of it all
Revealed as you learn to open your mind and heart
And you come to know you are this world, you are this peace
Creating the peace you seek, uniting with the earth mother

Know you now that she has what you need, has always had
And when your mind gets lost in the trivial problems ruling your daily life
Step aside; take whatever time is needed to bring you back to center
And remember these truths…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 19th, 2007


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