Memories of my Friend

Years flowing by in a blur, so long now since that day of loss
That never-desired, heartless caller, tearing you from me
I so tried to ease your pain, take the burden from you
My anguish of those last hours still bedaze my soul
In my love I still reach for you my friend…

I did grieve but could not drown in my tears
For to me it was, as it is now, unavailing
The love I hold for you is iridescent still
Even the kiss of death could not steal

These memories of your past acts of love
Ever stimulating for me to reach out, not hide
To embrace the wonders of experience thereof
And let not the consequence of that love be denied

So be in peace on your journey home, apart but temporary
Rest well my friend, for to be ready when we rejoin…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre October 28th, 2008

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