Rising sun spreading warmth across the morning plain
Night shadows fleeing quickly across the valley floor
Lone desert flower shivering in the cool early air
This, the dawn of another spirit-blessed day

A mystical morning, pregnant with fragrant scents
Long gone druid rituals held in the towering stones
Drifting memories of bonfires and dance
Bear witness to long lost ceremonies and prayer

Early morning songbirds, heralds of full choir
Rejoice in awakening new day, a flutter and dash
Warming air quietly creeping over the sills of open windows
Gently disturbing the tattered flimsy curtains in pass

Woven lifeless butterflies in faded pastel colors
Such contrast and conflict with the world in view without
No painter’s palette could ever reproduce or study
That hundreds of shades and hues of greens and yellows
The majesty of this waking landscape
Drenched by sun in cloudless sky…….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 23rd, 2007


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