Most Special Gift

Butterfly of red and yellow
Floating in the gentle wind
Soaring through the summer air
Drifting close enough to hear

I’d most love to fly like you
To dance the winds embrace
Sail around, so wild and free
To chase the yonder sun

But I have not, your graceful charm
I have no wings, just arms
My human feet must touch the ground
Condemned to but walk around

Then magically he spoke to me
Shared his wish as well
What I’d love most, is to walk the Earth
To feel the mud squish between toes

I’d love just once, to walk around
With feet upon the ground
But I have no legs, that swing or stride
I have no arms, just these two wings

And he drifted on, journey to continue
But shared my wonder and surprise
For what we both had been given
This most special of gifts
Seeing through another’s own eyes…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 25th, 2007


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