My Place

My mind considers Love, and finds it’s the world
Filled with the wonders, displayed munificently around
Ever undimmed by the darkness, unending in its decline
With all of its wars, and death dealing pain
No matter the dangers, and darkness amass
It steadily fills me, with what I need most

For man may know truth, and practice it faithfully
His ego ire intrude, and chaos soon follows
A demand from my friend, How can this be
So sadly I attempt to enlighten and teach

For histories untold, we’ve drifted from source aback
Reached out for the easy, or taken by force
We accept only ourselves at the top of the pack
Turned all others away, disdained and forgot
And the magic around us, we no longer can see
Put out with the garbage we no longer need

The simplest pleasures, they’re lost to us now
Replaced by necessity and the desire to have more
We’ve given away our connection, like toys put away
For temporary distractions, obtainable new each day

And for you my friend, I give you this truth
The real life is around you, if you relearn how to look
Find beauty in the flowers, and hear their bright song
Caress the old father, and help him along
Give without seeking, reward or acclaim
Respect all the others, start Loving again

And respect all the living, from plant life to bear
For truthfully brother, they’re all equal to you
Rebuild your connection to the mysteries beyond
And walk in the glory, no reason to run

If you hold to these concepts, and go boldly on
Then darkness will run, from the light you spread forth
And Love will surround you, for Love is the world
For the world is the all, of which you’re a small part

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 13th, 2007


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