Simple Web

I have learned in my travels of the great web of life
The entirety of existence, connected to all the other parts
Intricate filigree of interactive pieces creating a reality we all share
I know now of the importance of each to the support of all

Nothing you do, whether good or bad, does not impact the whole
A helping hand, given to one in need, spreading out for generations to come
Spreading the unselfish love of this simple gift
Learn that a frown or disdain, given in resentment or greed
Will spread the darkness and anger, weakening the all
Strike your brother and find the blow falling on many others
Look within and feel that blow striking you

Waste these gifts life provides, and find the hunger growing around you
Cherish them and watch the bounty and love spread
Allow your ego to rule, ever seeking control and power
And find yourself alone, lost, forever empty, in need

A uncomplicated thing perhaps, this choice that we have
To hold to the love we all want, or let the darkness win
For me it is plain, I stride forward each day
I make my smile a beacon, my hand open to all
And I pray you will join me, to walk at my side
Ever holding to love, the mystery, and life

Sharing this journey, through the great web of life…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 12th, 2007

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