Spirit’s Voice

Come my brothers, my sisters
Come all the children of this land
Come sit by my fire as night closes around us
Watch the flames pushing the smoke toward the star lit sky
Feel the hope swelling within as we send our prayers riding the smoke
Smoke the messenger carrying the prayers to the great mystery above

Sit quietly wrapped in the warmth and love of the silence
Hear the crackling of the fire, the sounds of family sharing happiness
The warmth we feel coming from this sharing of love, not the flames of fire
Gaze fully into each other’s eyes, what do you see? What to know in that reflection?
You will see yourself, yourself in the eyes of another, a part of that makes us who we are
Learn the truth, see the reality, hear the wisdom, and know your own connectedness

Close your eyes, and listen to the whispers from the shadows
Creation’s song dancing on the winds as they stir the flames ever higher
Another gift from the mystery, offering so much, all we need do is listen
Open your heart and soul to the words, for only when we listen and learn can we grow
For only with wisdom can the people reach happiness and fulfillment in their lives
Come my brothers, my sisters, share my fire and find hope…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 28th, 2008

Walking the Shining Path

We all desire a better tomorrow. A World made better, more peaceful and tranquil, with which to raise our children and live our lives. If you want to make a real difference in this world we all share, there are steps to learn to take. First, learn to be optimistic. Don’t allow yourself to be depressed, frustrated and disillusioned, all the time. Know that you are doing what you can and that it counts. Every single solitary thing that we each do and say and, most especially think, really does count. More than you can ever believe. Some might argue that we don’t have any choice in this upside down dangerous world and that we can’t effect what will happen. But even if we can’t immediately alter the course of human events on the world level, we can certainly create change in our own lives and in all of the lives that we touch, (and this is really where it all starts, yourself), and our thoughts are the seeds of that change.

Use your thoughts wisely. Understand their power. Thoughts have a tendency to become their physical equivalent. This is one of the fundamental laws of the universe. Another one is the Law of Attraction, which states that ‘like attracts like,’ positive to positive, negative to negative. Because it is consciousness that creates reality, the kind of consciousness you hold, your vibration if you will, actually creates the kind of life you’re living. So our first order of business must be to stay positive. Hold and entertain only positive possibilities. Teach yourself to imagine only affirmative alternatives. Surround yourself with wholly uplifting, life-affirming people and influences. Align yourself solely with the greater good so that your actions will be born of only the finest of your best intentions.

Remind yourself that far away, there in the sunshine, are your highest aspirations. You may not reach them, but you can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. I have been haunted recently by the words written by a Protestant minister after the downfall of the Nazi regime. “First they came for the gays. I am not gay, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the Gypsies. I am not a Gypsy, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the Jews. I am not a Jew, so I didn’t say anything. Then they came for the Catholics. I am not a Catholic, so I didn’t say anything. When they finally came for me, there was no one left to say anything.”

Be bold.
Make a statement.
Make a stand.
Make a difference.

In light of the widespread oppression, manipulation, intimidation that surrounds us today, you most certainly need to say something. You need, in fact, to talk to everyone who you meet, actually engage on a human level with those who you encounter as you make it through our day. Not just your families, friends and colleagues or those of presumed like-minds, but the shoe repair guy, the waitress at the coffee shop, the post office clerk, the bag boy at the super market.

If you ignore, exploit or patronize those people whose lives intersect with yours, how can you expect international relations to be more civilized? You need to “Walk your talk” wherever you go, whatever you do, remembering always, that by doing so you do make a difference. Let yourself be a sun, sending your caring energy out into the world, shedding light wherever you go. You never know who you might touch, or what a difference you may make with the radiance of your smile and warmth of your friendship.

Walk in peace and beauty,

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Nov. 10th, 2006
wa-ya dv-ga gv-do-di go-la-nv

An Answer of Sorts

There is so much wrong with the world.
There is no hope for tomorrow.
The people have lost their way.
We must war on all the bad.
There is no future for our youth.
No future for mankind!

You have heard it so much that you believe it true.
Despair and foreboding fill you.
And hope fades, as anger grows.
You swear to make a difference.
You promise yourself to make the world better.
Heal the wounds, repair the damage, restore the balance.
You declare ‘war’ on the evil.
The war on terror, war on drugs, war on ‘them’, war on their ‘ways’.
Yet the days and years continue to pass by.
The great wheel turns and the problems seem to continue to grow.

To put the world right, we must first put the nation right.
To put the nation right, we must first put the family right.
And to put the family right, we must first put ourselves to order,
Set our hearts right.

A good start would be a promise to yourself to be too large for worry. Worry brings fear and doubt, holding you back from what you can be. Worry serves nothing more than to consume your resources and limit possibility. Focus on what you can change, and let go of what you can’t.

Make yourself too noble for anger. Anger only hurts the one who is angry. Anger builds walls of pain, and promotes continuation of conflict. Let your anger go and use the strength of it to hold to your connection with life, Spirit, and happiness.  Find peace where others find war.

Be too strong for fear.
Fear is another weakness that stops us from working toward the good we all seek. And what do we really have to fear?  Pain? Death? Holding to our connection to Spirit, to our knowledge of our place in the universe, the true balance of all things, and to where we come from and return to, holding to all of that, what is there to truly fear? Put fear from you, and instead embrace life and the living of it.  True happiness comes from fully enjoying the smallest of moments, and living in peace and happiness with all creation.  Fear drives this away from you.

And finally, allow yourself to be too happy to permit the presence of trouble. Do not ‘make war’ against a thing, but rather work toward happiness and a better future.  No matter what is around you, no matter what others may be saying or doing to persuade you, simply hold to your own happiness and share that with others.  Darkness only has the power over you that you allow.  Hold to the happiness and embrace the joys of life.  Allow yourself to love openly and freely, and to share that love with all of existence.  Spread that love, happiness and joy all around you whenever you can, and you will find that the world will respond in kind.

Teach yourself these simple goals, and perhaps, and maybe in surprise, you will find that all those problems have somehow gone away, and your world is a much better place.

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Nov. 8th, 2006

It Must Be True

So many, so often…

It flashes across the television
The criers acclaim it as they sell their papers on the streets
The masses demand justice in retribution for it
So it must be true…

I hear it whispered in the dark
Rumors flying like the wind bear testimony
Our leaders stand witness to the travesty
So it must be true…

The Bibles and Qurans record it
The priests and teachers promote it
The weakest of them say their Gods have seen it
So it must be true…

The elders have said it
Tradition makes a demand of it
Generations have believed in it
So it must be true…

Perhaps it would be better to observe
Maybe it would be better to learn for yourself
To analysis and discover the truth of it for yourself
To find if it agrees with the reason and sanity of life
Whether or not it is conductive to the good and benefit of one and all
And then, when the truth is truly known and at long last clear,
To accept it, and live it, to the best of your ability, for the benefit of all…

And then, it will be true…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 21st, 2008

The Circle

We Gathered.

As the Sun slid down behind the great bend of the world,
And the darkness threw its dark fingers across the lands,
All life of the day retreat to their warm places of safety,
Their day done, their rest earned.
Peace comes. It is right.

The life of the darkness easing out into the dimness,
Bodies warming to the stirring call of their time,
The call of existence, of ritual, and the right,
Yet we are out-of-place,
These few, the singers, the seekers, the watchers, the dancers.
Yet it is right.

We gather outside the circle,
We make to prepare, to stand ready, to enjoin with all.
The traditions are there. Locked within our very being.
Yet we prepare, the path must be made clear,
Lest the journey we begin, be blocked,
And return lost forever.

The young ones have prepared the great wheel,
The circle lies complete, empty but for the secrets it contains.
It awaits our call, the songs of awakening,
Our sacrifice to the one, for the opening of the door.
It waits yet it calls, and pulls at our very being,
Pulls us toward that which is before us.

It is time.
We, who stand outside center, yet are so much part of it, begin the song.
The old ones have taught us well,
The circle resonates with the call of our voices, the pull of our souls.
The night stills in anticipation and perhaps fear,
And, as one, we move to enter, careful steps, the song building.

The song flows around us, through us, becomes part of us, a part of all.
Our steps move us closer to the center,
But the song is what brings us, brings us here.
The bond strengthens, the connection builds.
We loose parts of what we are,
Yet we gain parts of what all are, what is, what will be.

As we near center, the vale begins to lift.
That which separates there and here begins to thin.
The dancers move forward, their movement adding to the call.
The sacred smoke wafts across our consciousness, bringing more awareness.
Increasing our connection, our oneness to the source.
We find our place.

For some, the time is to keep the song going,
To keep the gate open, the connection strong.
For others, now is the time of the vision quest.
Of reaching out, joining with the one.
Embracing that which was, that which is, and that which will become.
I reach out, for I am called.

The impact. The overwhelming surge of being. Of becoming.
Like a fool or a small child, I fight what comes.
I fight to keep that which I think makes me whole.
To keep a part of what, I in this life, have been taught is me.
But I cannot win.
The pull is too great, the Volume too large.

And then as I surrender, understanding dawns.
This is the source of all things.
This is where all come from, and all go back to.
They are all here, all my friends, all my loved ones.
All whom I thought lost to me are here, have been here,
Will always be.

In my surrender, Peace and Love take over.
I am filled with the love of the one, and all that is.
And I become the Peace and Love, a part of the whole of Life.
A part of all that was, is, and will be.
It is the finding of what I had lost.
This is my place.

In this brief flashing instant I know all, see all, am all.
All my past, all my pasts, all my future, and futures.
I am all. A part of all that was, is, and will be.
I see the connection that feeds me.
The connection running throughout all living things.
Running to everything that is.

The source feeds all.
Wants to feed all.
Is, to be what all of us need, to give what all crave,
To help us in our journey, to supply us with strength and courage,
Passion, and Joy.
It is for us to draw on.

I am comforted.
Safe in mothers arms.
At home as though I never left.
As Peaceful and content as in a dream,
The dream of the untainted, without pain or troubles.
Without wretchedness or sorrow.

And yet I feel a push.
A gentle nudging that the time for me is short.
An urging to return to the physical, knowledge of the journey uncompleted.
I resist the thrust, even while knowing it is right.
I don’t want to leave this place, to loose this glory.
I want to stay here in my home.

But I know.
As part of the all, I know there are others.
Others back in the physical world that need me.
Need me to be there. The help I can give. The Love I can share.
And I know I need to be there for me. I need to continue my journey.
Need to be a part of that existence, as well as this.

But it is hard.
Knowing as I do now what will be lost to me in going back.
Knowing how little I will remember of the one.
How few of the answers will remain answered.
But I must go.
And I do.

As I awake, the sounds of the world drum on me.
The sacred smoke still eddies across the cold ground.
The dancers lie in and exalted heap around the center of the circle.
The others on quest set or lay where they are with a shared look,
A look of sadness and loss. Of joy and Peace.
Father sun is just beginning to burn away the night.

I feel the same sadness and loss.
The same regret for being back here, here where everything seems,
seems so much smaller, so much darker, so much less than where I am from.
But, as my senses return and awake, a new strength and understanding,
A renewed sense of hope, and just a bit of wisdom are at the front.
I am at Peace. I am renewed in both spirit and soul.

And as I prepare to leave this place, I start to remember,
remember some of the truths, some of the enlightenment that was
Shared while I was one with the source.
I remember requests honored, promises of help for friends and
Loved ones here in the World.
And I remember the Peace and the Love. It fills me still.

As we leave this place, this place that now will be honored by all that
know, will be wondered over by all that pass by. This now sacred place
where we achieved so much understanding and such connection that it is
changed for all time to come. We rejoice in the world we walk through.
We rejoice in the wondrous gift of Life, of our Love, and the freedom we
enjoy. And some of us rejoice in the reconnection with the source. Our
renewed energy and purpose. It is a good time to be alive. A good time…


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 30, 2005


It don’t matter what happened in the past
Because what we have, is here right now
You make me smile, you fill my time
New joyous memories, to hold for all time
You let me know, how you feel, share your soul
And I hope you know, just how special you are

You let me show you, what you mean to me
Without sharing with you, who knows where I’d be?
When I’m not with you, I feel so down and blue
Whoever knew, our love would be this true?

When I think of you, it takes me there
There’s no way to express, how much I care
So little we’ve had, I feel a bit cheated
But we’re gonna last, till the end of all time!!

Thank you for being my friend…….

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 19th, 2008

The Lost One and The Road Back

I am lost, and I have to find my way back
I have journeyed into a darkness of my own making
A darkness that I sorely needed
Needed to escape from another darkness too impenetrable to bear
An ending so heartbreaking and soul rendering that I could not abide
So I ran. I had to run, for pain and loss were too much
Too much for me to allow myself to continue
Yet I had to continue
So I ran

I ran deep inside myself
I pushed away the tears and anguish
Buried the hopelessness and helplessness
Hid the doubts and troubles, the guilt and the anger
Pushed my very soul so far from reach
That no one or nothing would be able to touch it again
Not able to attend the funeral I needed so badly to close my loss
I tried to kill and hide forever the parts of me that make me who I am
I remade myself so I could never hurt like that again

I took all of me and stowed it away
Down in that dark emptiness that I now carried in my soul
Burned there by that brief instance of nightmare, the very end of forever
I put away my ego, my self-respect, and all cares for myself
I allowed no inner joys, no dreams of the future, no future at all
And yet I denied myself the present also
Denied myself even the simple pleasures of the moment
That made up so much of me before
I cast myself out of a world I yet traveled

Turning my focus outward, I made my entire existence to do for others
My reason for being became taking care of those I still had with me
All my energies were now directed outward for all those around me
My time, my thoughts, every breath I took
Every friend in need, every imagined cause to be fought
Anything, and everything, except for myself
And as long as this remained my focus
As long as I kept the burning pain trapped deep inside
I was safe. No fear could touch me. No guilt could trample. Safe

And as the days and years went by, it got easier
The lies I tell myself became believable, became my new reality
Each new problem, whether lessor or dire, tragic or heartbreaking
Became for me the center of my life, all of my life, my existence
For each instance took me that much further from having to look within
Made it that much easier to keep the demons hidden
And, though I knew the demons were there beneath the surface
Crawling and clawing in that festering, and never healing wound
I was safe, for no one could know, and none get close enough to hurt me again

But there was too much of me left
Too much of me that needed to live, to live a real life
To love and laugh, to find those simple pleasures I need so badly
So, a battle enjoyed between my real self, caged so deep
And the fantasy I had created to steel myself against any return
Bad choices taken, driven by the tiny voice I refuse to hear
Mistakes generated by the conflict within resulting in more loss, more pain
Errors in judgement guaranteed to fail
To fail because my fantasy self would ensure their failure

And now I fear, my time runs short
Already so many of those I used for my focus have moved out of reach
And too soon, I will loose the few left to me
I will be alone, alone to deal with that I cannot deal with
That which I cannot face, even after all this time
What then will be the meaning for my continuance
All I base my life on now, will be lost
Where will I find purpose to hold back the darkness
Where will I run from the pain?

I must find a way back…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 14th, 2008

The Reason

In an almost unbearable burst of enlightened thought
A moment of crystal clarity, and unity of mind and soul
I find myself here, at this spot, at this time
And ask, what we all boon to ask
The question all must ask of them-selves to become whole

There must be a reason, a plan, some greater command
Some guiding force weaving the threads of the tapestry of my life
The potter’s hand that has shaped me for a purpose that I am to serve
Some finite goal not shared, but there regardless
Awaiting the day when I’m truly prepared
And I am here…

Marching back through my memories and lessons
I can now see the pattern emerging
The trials put before me to build my strength and character
Loves filling my very soul to build my compassion
Losses to embed my understanding and insight
The long, slow awakening of that who I am today

And now, in rapturous and joyful discovery
The answer is at long last found within
The simplicity and propriety of the solution
In its self, yet another of that guiding hands special wonders
All the pain and anguish of the long hard years recede in importance
As the reason becomes so clear

I am here to be your friend…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 6th, 2005

This is Life

Colors, flashing, bright, rainbows spinning
The vortex of reality forced into my awareness
Combined to blind my eyes in cascading its madness

Sound, a roaring din of noise,
Voices hidden in the immensities of the silence
The silence falling with deafening chill on the ears of my soul

Flavors, biter, tart, sweet, sour
The biting burn of the acid eating its way inside
Lost ability to taste, numbing death in apathy and demise

Mind filled to bursting, a madness of running thoughts
The swirling emotions weaken my resolve, indecisive
Desire, want, need, lack, all withering my tired old heart

I stand outside, an intricate component, yet removed, apart
Observing the world around me, this bit of imagined existence
Forever trusting my inner vision, answers and truth found inside
I allow all things to come and go, my heart wide open as the sky

This is Life…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Sept. 17th 2008

You Are

I see you

Sunset over an evening summer ocean,
The blaze of your colourful show to leave me breathless,
I lie down to watch you move, dancing with creation,
To watch you stretch your arms across the horizon,
Imagination all a drape with the wandering clouds,

Spectral visions, orange and purple orgasmic,
Shifting colours marking another turn of the wheel,
Painter’s brush strokes running down the canvas,
Reaching climatic raptures in the waves below,

This vista of dreams your presence creates
This you are, for I see you through my dreams…