Mystery Sweat

I am the walking, talking, living reminder of all that is or has been
From the earliest beginnings of time, throughout all the dreams of tomorrow
I have ever been, am, and will always be…

From deep within the dark hot lodge the voices begin
Sounds of the old ones, sounds raspy and rough from age and wisdom, begin the tale
Through the haze of smoke dimmed eyes I see their shadows
In the heat I can yet feel their presence, heed to the bond of the ages
And my brothers sing the old songs, those sung by the ancestors long so ago
Songs sung to remind us of who we are, why we are here
Who we should be
And spirit is here too, sitting upon the prayer ties
Sitting and waiting, eager to help any that open their hearts and minds

The tension builds in the voices, like electricity in a closing storm
I no longer hear the words but feel their meaning, feel what they feel
And I understand now why what is within you is so much more important any words you say

And the prayers that are answered are those of love
Answered from a realm few of the people really understand
A realm pulled deep from within each of us, there for our needs
For the reason lies not in any mans reason
But within the reason of all things
The great mystery at the core of existence
Of movement and motion, change and changes

As the sweat of your body moves from within you
As does the understanding move from your core, your very soul
The sweat trickles down your body to the earth below, Earth Mother drinks, and you become again

The old ones steadily add wood to the fire
Increasing the great heat so you might become more of your Mother
And in your prayers it is your heart that is felt
Connection renewed, building afresh, shinning in its glory and wonder
Connected to the brothers in the lodge, the rocks and the air
Connected to the prayer ties and the spirits that sit upon them

I feel the pain of those around me, their pain becomes mine
I pray for their pain and with gentle kindness take their pain unto myself
Take their pain so that they may know a moment of rest, of freedom
The love of the mystery swells out from me, touches all around me
The brief moment I hold the pain they feel the love of the great mystery touch them
A caressing love filling them with peace, joy, and contentment
Tears flow from my eyes as I know their peace

For the willingness to take the pain of others, knowledge comes to me
The great mystery will take all the burdens I bear, all the pain
Washing it away with the sweat, running down my body to enter into the Mother
Making me once more whole and healthy, once more a part of the all

The door to the world is open, breath and prayers of the old ones released
Released once more back into the universe where created, to those spirits unseen
Breath on the winds tasted by us walking this journey
I crawl out the door headfirst just as I was born
Take my first breath, the breath of rebirth, so clean and cool
Weak as that first day of birth, yet more alive than ever before
Given another chance, another day to wonder in the glory

And I know we must remember, must hold for all yet to come
Brothers came before me, gave me the chance to be here now
I must hold to all the sacred things, all the importance of life and the Mystery
For there are many yet to come
And they must learn, must carry forward that which so many have lost

The journey continues…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre September 11th, 2005

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