The Challenge From Within

I am the darkness within
I hold precious your pain
Remembering the false and venerate past
Replaying it again and again

Perhaps at some future time
At a crossroads of mental low
You may figure it out
But until or if then
I will hold all the control

You may tell yourself the lies
Tell yourself until you almost believe
That false fulfillment of life, of n’er goal attained
That which is not a race, but lost to the rush to compete

An my place secure, for you’ll never accept
All things in the past, the past you give rule
Your life will continue, as stagnant as ever
Doomed a repeat of the last. for ever and ever

So when look in your closet
What do you always find
The dark emptiness inside you
A ghost shadow of mine…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 12th, 2006


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