This is Life

Colors, flashing, bright, rainbows spinning
The vortex of reality forced into my awareness
Combined to blind my eyes in cascading its madness

Sound, a roaring din of noise,
Voices hidden in the immensities of the silence
The silence falling with deafening chill on the ears of my soul

Flavors, biter, tart, sweet, sour
The biting burn of the acid eating its way inside
Lost ability to taste, numbing death in apathy and demise

Mind filled to bursting, a madness of running thoughts
The swirling emotions weaken my resolve, indecisive
Desire, want, need, lack, all withering my tired old heart

I stand outside, an intricate component, yet removed, apart
Observing the world around me, this bit of imagined existence
Forever trusting my inner vision, answers and truth found inside
I allow all things to come and go, my heart wide open as the sky

This is Life…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Sept. 17th 2008

One thought on “This is Life

  1. Mastering Self Awareness
    by Sheila Radha Conrad

    Mastering self-awareness can open up a world of opportunities, experiences and relationships for you. The way you think and feel about something affects the way you act and the results you get. When you have a clear perception of your personality, thoughts and feelings, you can fully understand yourself and others without judgment and react accordingly.

    Our brains are built to make the judgments and choices that keep us alive. Clear self awareness is difficult to achieve because of beliefs and mistruths we have adopted as we went along. Self-judgment shuts down self awareness. We tend to turn our ability to judge against ourselves and others.

    Blaming others for our predicament makes real growth impossible. We feel we are the victim of circumstances that are beyond our control, we feel helpless to change them. We become defensive, deny our behavior and blame others for the situation we created. We can prolong and nurture our suffering by dwelling on a negative life experience until we define ourselves by that experience.

    By not taking responsibility for ourselves, we continue to re-experience and live in negative feelings. This is how we are perpetuating our suffering by re-focusing our attention on the negativity. Through repeated self-effort we can learn how to positively focus our energies.

    As we become conscious of what we’re thinking, we are in a position to choose to change what we’re thinking. We can deliberately cause a change in our thoughts, emotions and actions that will change our lives. We can be aware of our own emotions and how to channel them in order to achieve what we want. As we gain understanding and clarity, we see our action, experience it as an error, correct it, makes amends where needed, let go of it, and move on with life.

    When we practice self-awareness without judgment, the “self” only shows up when appropriate. It moves to the background during play, sports activities and creativity, and happiness. The more we learn to handle self-destructive patterns, the less attached we will be to these patterns. In time we will eliminate them. Now, you can love yourself and treat yourself with compassion How can you do this?

    You start by scheduling time for yourself. Find a quiet place and a period of time to reflect on a regular basis. Then, in a systematic way, you look back over the happenings of your life to discover how you have become the person you are. Review your own thoughts, ask yourself questions. Note your emotions when you hear yourself answer. There are counselors who offer exercises that help to focus and guide your self awareness.

    As you review and re-experience, you find you can take greater control over your thinking processes and can correct thoughts that are erroneous or self negating. You can wipe away the years of misperceptions and mistruths and begin to see clearly. You learn how to be more responsible for your actions, free of guilt, fear, or resentment. You will experience yourself as a wiser, more independent, happier person who controls his or her own destiny.

    © Sheila Radha Conrad 2008

    From her book, “Self Recognition”, counselor and trainer, Sheila Radha Conrad offers free Life Mastery Skills self awareness exercises on her web site at


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