The Circle

We Gathered.

As the Sun slid down behind the great bend of the world,
And the darkness threw its dark fingers across the lands,
All life of the day retreat to their warm places of safety,
Their day done, their rest earned.
Peace comes. It is right.

The life of the darkness easing out into the dimness,
Bodies warming to the stirring call of their time,
The call of existence, of ritual, and the right,
Yet we are out-of-place,
These few, the singers, the seekers, the watchers, the dancers.
Yet it is right.

We gather outside the circle,
We make to prepare, to stand ready, to enjoin with all.
The traditions are there. Locked within our very being.
Yet we prepare, the path must be made clear,
Lest the journey we begin, be blocked,
And return lost forever.

The young ones have prepared the great wheel,
The circle lies complete, empty but for the secrets it contains.
It awaits our call, the songs of awakening,
Our sacrifice to the one, for the opening of the door.
It waits yet it calls, and pulls at our very being,
Pulls us toward that which is before us.

It is time.
We, who stand outside center, yet are so much part of it, begin the song.
The old ones have taught us well,
The circle resonates with the call of our voices, the pull of our souls.
The night stills in anticipation and perhaps fear,
And, as one, we move to enter, careful steps, the song building.

The song flows around us, through us, becomes part of us, a part of all.
Our steps move us closer to the center,
But the song is what brings us, brings us here.
The bond strengthens, the connection builds.
We loose parts of what we are,
Yet we gain parts of what all are, what is, what will be.

As we near center, the vale begins to lift.
That which separates there and here begins to thin.
The dancers move forward, their movement adding to the call.
The sacred smoke wafts across our consciousness, bringing more awareness.
Increasing our connection, our oneness to the source.
We find our place.

For some, the time is to keep the song going,
To keep the gate open, the connection strong.
For others, now is the time of the vision quest.
Of reaching out, joining with the one.
Embracing that which was, that which is, and that which will become.
I reach out, for I am called.

The impact. The overwhelming surge of being. Of becoming.
Like a fool or a small child, I fight what comes.
I fight to keep that which I think makes me whole.
To keep a part of what, I in this life, have been taught is me.
But I cannot win.
The pull is too great, the Volume too large.

And then as I surrender, understanding dawns.
This is the source of all things.
This is where all come from, and all go back to.
They are all here, all my friends, all my loved ones.
All whom I thought lost to me are here, have been here,
Will always be.

In my surrender, Peace and Love take over.
I am filled with the love of the one, and all that is.
And I become the Peace and Love, a part of the whole of Life.
A part of all that was, is, and will be.
It is the finding of what I had lost.
This is my place.

In this brief flashing instant I know all, see all, am all.
All my past, all my pasts, all my future, and futures.
I am all. A part of all that was, is, and will be.
I see the connection that feeds me.
The connection running throughout all living things.
Running to everything that is.

The source feeds all.
Wants to feed all.
Is, to be what all of us need, to give what all crave,
To help us in our journey, to supply us with strength and courage,
Passion, and Joy.
It is for us to draw on.

I am comforted.
Safe in mothers arms.
At home as though I never left.
As Peaceful and content as in a dream,
The dream of the untainted, without pain or troubles.
Without wretchedness or sorrow.

And yet I feel a push.
A gentle nudging that the time for me is short.
An urging to return to the physical, knowledge of the journey uncompleted.
I resist the thrust, even while knowing it is right.
I don’t want to leave this place, to loose this glory.
I want to stay here in my home.

But I know.
As part of the all, I know there are others.
Others back in the physical world that need me.
Need me to be there. The help I can give. The Love I can share.
And I know I need to be there for me. I need to continue my journey.
Need to be a part of that existence, as well as this.

But it is hard.
Knowing as I do now what will be lost to me in going back.
Knowing how little I will remember of the one.
How few of the answers will remain answered.
But I must go.
And I do.

As I awake, the sounds of the world drum on me.
The sacred smoke still eddies across the cold ground.
The dancers lie in and exalted heap around the center of the circle.
The others on quest set or lay where they are with a shared look,
A look of sadness and loss. Of joy and Peace.
Father sun is just beginning to burn away the night.

I feel the same sadness and loss.
The same regret for being back here, here where everything seems,
seems so much smaller, so much darker, so much less than where I am from.
But, as my senses return and awake, a new strength and understanding,
A renewed sense of hope, and just a bit of wisdom are at the front.
I am at Peace. I am renewed in both spirit and soul.

And as I prepare to leave this place, I start to remember,
remember some of the truths, some of the enlightenment that was
Shared while I was one with the source.
I remember requests honored, promises of help for friends and
Loved ones here in the World.
And I remember the Peace and the Love. It fills me still.

As we leave this place, this place that now will be honored by all that
know, will be wondered over by all that pass by. This now sacred place
where we achieved so much understanding and such connection that it is
changed for all time to come. We rejoice in the world we walk through.
We rejoice in the wondrous gift of Life, of our Love, and the freedom we
enjoy. And some of us rejoice in the reconnection with the source. Our
renewed energy and purpose. It is a good time to be alive. A good time…


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 30, 2005

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