And Yet I Dream

I Dream

I dream a dream of Peace
Of all those around me wrapped in contentment and tranquility

I dream a dream of Love
Of all those around me knowing the closeness and rightness of the bond

I dream a dream of Beginning
Of the start of all good things and the visions they bring

I dream a dream of Journey
Of the discovery of the new, and appreciation of the unknown

I dream a dream of Completion
Of deeds done, loves shared, goals reached, and mysteries revealed

I dream a dream of Rest
Of the restful merging into the great source of all, one and finally complete

And yet I dream…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre November 2005

The Fall

I fall against a wall of air,
Wall insubstantial, parting as I move
My shadow follows, silent, riding waves
Tides of sky or ocean, all the same
Sun, but rose ember orb
Drifting on warmed desert breeze
Washing patterns, fluid, painted feathers
Soothing, calmness, caress, peace
I glide among the few highest clouds
Over and under the great mystery

My shadow begins to grow……

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 19th, 2008