In the Interest of Understanding and Peace

I hate to write this. I truly want to write of light and love, sharing hopefully inspiring poetry and ideas, and perhaps using a bit of my writing to serve as to incite the readers into thinking of things in new ways. I awoke this morning to read of another 106 lives erased from this Earth, burned to death in the name of “The War on Terror,” killed by US troops in Afghanistan. 63 of those slaughtered were children under the age of 16 as reported by UN troops on the ground. The US report only told of 3. The image of one 4 year old was particularly heart wrenching for me, looking so much like my grand-daughter, burned to a nightmare of a pot roast ready for the dinner table, a manuscript of lost future.

I know well these atrocities are based on lies, driven by the greedy, power hungry few controlling my country, but one of the biggest excuses they are using is the media created, imagined conflict between the Muslim and Christian religions. I tire of the conflict. I tire of the lies and abuse. And I cannot continue to have my heart torn apart with pain, looking at the pictures of the burned bodies of babies without making some kind of attempt to stop it from happening again and again. Almost 600,000 dead in the last 8 years! Enough is enough! Perhaps if we can learn more about each other, the ‘real’ truth of each other’s cultures and lives, to relearn how see each other with our own eyes without the government control media propaganda, we will begin to realize just how alike we all are, getting past the brainwashing crap the ‘powers that be’ have fed us so long to further their agendas. We will then have a chance to stop this nightmare once and for all, and perhaps my own countrymen will begin to see the truth of our county. So, forgive me, but here is my attempt to start us back on a peaceful path.

The Names of God

God, the Great Mystery, the One, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim, Amlak, Mwari, Thixo, Nkulunkulu, Uthixo, Waqa, Afa, Bamballe, Tuma, Tummu, Zabi, Magano, Taosa, Shangdi, Shen, Zhu, Tian Zhun, Tian, Bhagavan, Patamatma, Brabman, Adi Purusha, Vishnu, Krishna, Rama, Shiva, Ganesha, Surya, Ganapatya, Smartha, Ek Onkar, Satnam, Waheguru, Bhagat, Hari, Govinda, Bhagavan, Aten, Jupiter, Pater Familias, Pantheon, Deus, YHWH, haShem, Bah’is, Haile Selassie, Xwede, Ahura Mazda, HaShem, Atum, Elohim, Borr, Izanami, Unkulunkulu, Sky Father, Earth Mother, the Goddess, Coatique, Viacocha, Arendiwane, Eagentci, Dejien, Kaakwha, Dahdahwat, Gagqa, Awaeh, Tegendji, Kunula, Hatanutal, Guksu, Calnis, Suupadax, Xa-matutsi, Kali-matutsi, Pangu, Logos, the Word, the great Architect, Yazata, Anatolia, Caucasus, Kamchatka, Chukotka, Tengri, Ishvara, Rada Loa, Yazad, Hamarna, Harvesp-tawan, Sanaea, Harvesp-Agah, A-tars, Harvesp-Khoda, A-bish, Abadeh, A-frajdum, Abi-Anjam, am-chun, Bun-e-stiha, Mino-satihgar, Frakhtan-taih, A-minogar, Jamaga, Mino-nahab, Prajatarah, Adar-bad-gar, Tum-afik, Adar-nam-gar, Abaravand, Bad-adar-gar, Paravandeh, Bad-nam-gar, An-ayafeh, Bad-gail-gar, Hama-Ayafeh, Bad-gred-tum, Adro, Adar-kibritatum, Gira, Bad-gar-jae, A-ehem, Ab-tum, Chamana, Gail-adar-gar, Safana, Gail-vad-gar, Afza, Gail-nam-gar, Nasha, Gar-gar, Parwara, Garo-gar, Ianaha, Gar-a-gar, Ain-aenah, Gar-a-gar-gar, An-aenah, A-gar-agar, Kharoshid-tum, A-gar-a-gar-gar, Mino-tum, A-guman, Vasna, A-jaman, Harvastum, A-Khuan, Hu-sepas, Amast, Har-Hamid, Fashutana, Har-naik faraih, Padmani, Baish-tarana, Firozgar, Taronish, Khudawand, Anah-aoshaka, Ahuramazd, Farasaka, Abarin-kuhan-tawan, Pajohdehad, Abarin-nao-tawan, Khwafar, Vaspan, Avakhshiaea, Vaaspar, Abaraja, Khawar, A-satoha, Ahu Lord, Rakhoha, Avakshidar, Varun, Dadar, A-farefah, Raiyomand, Be-fareftah, Khorehmand, A-dui, Davar, Kam-rad, Kerfaigar, Farman-kam, Bokhtar, Aekh Tan, Farsho-gar, and a multitude of other names are all representations of the collective spirit of all life, most assuredly including the beasts.

Take the time to research a few of them. Learn just how small and meaningless the differences are. We are much more alike than different. Open your eyes to the commonality of your fellow humans, and in so doing you will perhaps begin to understand that what you have been taught was a reason for conflict and war, was only manipulation by a power hungry, greedy few. We are all the same, wanting to live and prosper, to keep our families safe and secure, to live a life full of love and happiness. Join me in embracing all life, with respect and love. Cast away the propaganda and lies we have been fed since birth. Cast away the centuries of hate and anger, the legacy of past ignorance, and racial, cultural, and ethnic manufactured conflict. Learn once more to hold sacred all life, as you learn how we are all but a part of the whole.

The worst of mankind’s conceit is most often found in his religions. To truly love and respect the concept of God, whatever that term means to you, is to live a life being honest with yourself, adding only good to the world around you, bringing light and love with every step you take through your day. Defining god is often the beginnings of evil, building conflict and hatred between people who should be embracing in the blessings of existence. There is more of ‘god’ in the smallest sparrow than in all the tomes and religions of man. Look within yourself and find that connection you have with the whole. Look about you with your eyes truly open and you will find that we are all more alike than different. You may even find that in embracing those differences, taking them as a blessing to your own life as I do, will make your life so much fuller and meaningful. I beg you forgive me for my rant. Peace and blessing to you all and all those around you.

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Barnesville, Ohio


2 thoughts on “In the Interest of Understanding and Peace

  1. No, not a secret. I live in the United States. Travel full time in a RV meeting new friends and learning new ideas. Is good to meet you. Peace and Blessings.



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