Wonder of All Wonders

Before the universe was born
Before the first turning of the wheel of time
There was something in the chaos of the heavens
Standing alone, empty yet full
The silence within a riot of sound
Solitary in the most crowded expanse
Unpredictable for all of its unchanging way

It is ever present and secure
Fleeting in its flashes of surprise
You may regard it as the Mother of the universe
Because we do not know its name, cannot know
We may call it spirit, for the answer found within

You will call it else, for your answer is yours
If forced to give it a name,
Seeking harmony through understanding
I would call it ‘Great’

This heavens gift we all share
The wonder of all wonders
It is life…

Steve `Easy` Whitacre April 27th, 2009

Learn for today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come…


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