Hidden History

Unfathomable hidden history of time,
Dark forgotten corners of my mind
I see their travels, feel their heat, know their pain
This the dusty trail of distant lives,
Long past, stretching the course of eons gone
Gone yet somehow the memory of them lives
Living as these shadows, deep within my core

A bitter taste of something, it just ruined you through time
You are the Nectar in a bottle, a taste so different now your gone
It may be the taste of time, dank flavor that ever hurts,
Liken the bitterness of a love affair failed
Yet the youngest find it cool,
They just sip and find it nice
They just taste and follow the shallow rules
Fall in line without even thinking twice

This money world you live in, even though you think it’s not
It’s the Human Way, evolution and false growth
When you’re here it’s what you’ve got
So Shut Up! Can you do that?
Can you fight! Get off the track?

These damn roots, they really strangle
Ever growing in your brain
There’s a simple way to escape this
But they’ll think that you’re insane
Out of step, out of whack!
Where are you really going?
What’s the truth, what’s a fact?
There’s no way of really telling

The only bet you have here, is that you come and simply go
It’s just borrowed time you’re living
All the rest is just a show…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre Feb 1st, 2009


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