Make a Difference

Whatever you do in life,
Do the very best you can
Devote both your heart and mind
For in devoting the all of you
The very Power of the Universe be yours
And your heart and mind will be in Unity

When you sit in the center of the all,
You must be responsible, creative, and caring
You must learn that all of Life is related,
And learn the hurt of one is the hurt of all
Just as the honor of one is the honor of all,
Whatever we do affects everything else
Sharing light and love returns hope and contentment
Sharing darkness and anger brings only pain and despair

Choose to be the light
To be the love…

If you do it this way,
If you truly join your heart and mind as One,
Whatever you reach for, all you attempt
That is the Way it will Be

You can make the difference!

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre April 29, 2009


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