Vision Quest

I go to my sacred place, my special hideaway
Here where I feel strongly my connection to the one
I ask the One of my purpose, my duty, job
What is my goal in life?

This my lifelong quest, ever seeking my vision, clarity
A rite of passage, days slipping by, weeks, months
I remember my teacher’s words, the wisdom, guidance
Calmly I know it is right, the truest of journeys
Knowing I have much more to learn, see, feel

I hear the drumming, bells jingling, rattling
The sounds of the old one singing in the air
Chanting, meditation, communicate with Spirit
Spirit is strong in this special place, strong in me
High energy of connection filling the core of me

Words of the ancestors fill my mind
Histories untold, legends and rumors, information lost
All I need know is offered, given freely
If I but listen, hear the silence spaces between the notes
Patience brings the vision, vision brings understanding

I stand tall with my arms raised to the sky
Rejoice and call my questions out loud
Listening I gain all I you need to know
Still, listening to the wind, honoring all the elements, all living things
My ancestors, the one, my purpose, my goal

Duty and purpose grows from this moment…
I walk forward, renewed…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre April 29, 2009


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