A Step Ahead

Once again I wonder
Is this truly me?
This never-ending search
Can I find the common thread?
The starting point that ties it all together

Truly seen, the differences are imagined
More in learning the steps leading forward
This amazing journey we all share
Arriving without leaving, finding without loss

Not enough time to discover the answer
A lifetime of pondering this lack
Yet I hold to the faith that understanding will come
Then together all, enfolded in the mystery of grace

A needed beginning, some point for the start
In confusion I’m reaching, help I do hunt
Yet I dare not wait longer, this journey to start
So I push fear aside, and take the first step…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre May 30, 2009

Simple Joy

I amble down this dusty deserted road
Touch the stones, kick the broken branches lying at my feet
My thoughts flow in colors of rambling patterns
I am quiet, yet stirring, completely at peace
Look at me, the only one here
All alone in a crowd of millions

I stand apart from all the others
Don’t understand their hurry and rush
An entity alone breathing, and loving
Sensing spirit’s magic touch in everything around me
In the flowers, both pretty and wilting
Huge hewn rock protruding both above and below
Trees bending in gentle bowing winds
Guarding in silence, nature’s proliferate gifts
Children playing, laughing through life’s dance

All the wonders of everything held deep within
Contained safely by the petals of my old heart
Each individual branch, rock, and child
Light gathered through mine eyes, savored in my thoughts
Romping in endless circle, freely through my brain
Memory filled, joyous as a child at play

Give this gift to yourself, I pray
Put aside the hurry and need
Allow that star to remain un-reached for a short time more
Seize this precious moment, this second in time
And reflect on what so many others have lost
The simple joy of life…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 19th, 2007

Learn today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come…