Living Dream

I sleep and dream,
Wrapped ever safe in the certain knot of peace,
Tucked within this my personal vision,
This place of wit, a balm for my weary road tried soul,
Wealthier than the richest of rulers,
Happier than a condemned man suddenly released,
No indifferent judge to place me between the high and low,
Shielded from the agonies of this troubled world,
Shield and courage once more intact, whole,
Quiet rest within the contentment of my inner spirit

Gone, those fierce darts Ego doth throw at me,
Truce for the battles that churn in my heart and soul,
What tribute would but not I pay to end this conflict,
Body laying down on smooth pillows, deep in sweetest bed,
Protected quiet chamber, deaf to noise, blind to light,
Grand circles of angels dancing to the music of the one,
And all these things, as though mine by right,
Spirit blessed with grace and life, magnificence in each breath,
An existence full on this short journey, living free,

I turn over, and the dream begins anew…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 23, 2009


Calm and serenity
Reach back within yourself
Find again that strength hidden deep
Connect with whence you came
Pride in the part you have in the all

Relearn once again, the simple truths you once knew
Set your gaze unto the universe around you
Feel the power that flows into you
All the gifts of creation, all the love
And centered once more, you move forward

Rejoice, you are the stuff of stars…..

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre January 3rd, 2008

Live in Joy, in Love

I choose to live with love
Even surrounded by those who hate
I choose to live in joy
Even among those lost to sadness
I choose to live in peace
Even among those who war and kill

I look within, become the stillness
I free myself from fear and attachment
Allow myself to know the sweet joys of the life
I master my senses, what I taste and smell
What I see and hear, in all things I am master
Master of what I do, say, and think

Now is the time for you to be free

Are you quiet?
Calm your body and mind
By your decision awaken yourself
Watch yourself as you grow and bloom
Allow yourself to be yourself
Choose to joyfully and with love
Feel the source, follow the truth of inner soul
Reflect upon it, make it your own
Live it, be it, relearn your part in it
It will always sustain you

Live in Joy, in Love…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 5, 2009

Learn today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come…

I Am Because I Choose

I stand here
I am because I choose
Yet I am more
A small part of the greatness of all
One of many, dot on the page
But I am the all…

We experience ourselves,
Our thoughts and feelings create us
Forced as something separate from the rest
An optical delusion of consciousness
This delusion becoming all for us,
Restricting us to our personal desires
Limiting affection for a special few
Those nearest to us only
A false path we create…

We must work tirelessly to free ourselves from the prison
We must widen our circle of compassion
Embrace all living creatures
Hold to the whole of nature in its beauty
In this we find the true value of human beings
Determined by having obtained liberation from the self
And therein in growth we substantially change
The new manner of thinking needed if humanity is to survive…

I stand here
I am because I choose
Yet I am more
A small part of the greatness of all
One of many, dot on the page
But I am the all…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 4, 2009

Learn today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come…

Guidance and Rebirth

We struggle to hold it
Always hidden out of sight
Constantly it’s here
When come direst of plight

Work done without doing
Teaching without speech
Both mystery and answers
All the more we beseech

Darkness within darkness
Through this our path leads
Steady on always
Bright love brings soul feed

Freed of desire, you take in the mystery
Desire frozen heart sees only the physical
A landscape of waste, dark and most ugly
But only after eyes, have seen it as beautiful

Being and non-being, creating each other
Unnamable eternal, origin lost game
Order and chaos, support and disorder
Who saw it at birth, who gave it its name

Never to choose,
Ne’er a complaint
It holds greatness and evil
Greeting sinner and saint

Cleanse your inner vision
Hold to nothing but light
Strengthen your connection
Lead them from their fright

For enlightened they’re worth saving
As hard as that may seem
Re-birth care and nourishment
Dark past wiped slate clean…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 3, 2009