Guidance and Rebirth

We struggle to hold it
Always hidden out of sight
Constantly it’s here
When come direst of plight

Work done without doing
Teaching without speech
Both mystery and answers
All the more we beseech

Darkness within darkness
Through this our path leads
Steady on always
Bright love brings soul feed

Freed of desire, you take in the mystery
Desire frozen heart sees only the physical
A landscape of waste, dark and most ugly
But only after eyes, have seen it as beautiful

Being and non-being, creating each other
Unnamable eternal, origin lost game
Order and chaos, support and disorder
Who saw it at birth, who gave it its name

Never to choose,
Ne’er a complaint
It holds greatness and evil
Greeting sinner and saint

Cleanse your inner vision
Hold to nothing but light
Strengthen your connection
Lead them from their fright

For enlightened they’re worth saving
As hard as that may seem
Re-birth care and nourishment
Dark past wiped slate clean…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 3, 2009

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