Live in Joy, in Love

I choose to live with love
Even surrounded by those who hate
I choose to live in joy
Even among those lost to sadness
I choose to live in peace
Even among those who war and kill

I look within, become the stillness
I free myself from fear and attachment
Allow myself to know the sweet joys of the life
I master my senses, what I taste and smell
What I see and hear, in all things I am master
Master of what I do, say, and think

Now is the time for you to be free

Are you quiet?
Calm your body and mind
By your decision awaken yourself
Watch yourself as you grow and bloom
Allow yourself to be yourself
Choose to joyfully and with love
Feel the source, follow the truth of inner soul
Reflect upon it, make it your own
Live it, be it, relearn your part in it
It will always sustain you

Live in Joy, in Love…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 5, 2009

Learn today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come…

2 thoughts on “Live in Joy, in Love

  1. Youre giving out a true message the poem transfers your feelings very easily to the reader


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