Living Dream

I sleep and dream,
Wrapped ever safe in the certain knot of peace,
Tucked within this my personal vision,
This place of wit, a balm for my weary road tried soul,
Wealthier than the richest of rulers,
Happier than a condemned man suddenly released,
No indifferent judge to place me between the high and low,
Shielded from the agonies of this troubled world,
Shield and courage once more intact, whole,
Quiet rest within the contentment of my inner spirit

Gone, those fierce darts Ego doth throw at me,
Truce for the battles that churn in my heart and soul,
What tribute would but not I pay to end this conflict,
Body laying down on smooth pillows, deep in sweetest bed,
Protected quiet chamber, deaf to noise, blind to light,
Grand circles of angels dancing to the music of the one,
And all these things, as though mine by right,
Spirit blessed with grace and life, magnificence in each breath,
An existence full on this short journey, living free,

I turn over, and the dream begins anew…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre June 23, 2009

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