Live your life to the fullest, embracing each day
Let not the fear of death enter your heart
Trouble no one about their religion
Respect others in their own views,
But demand that they respect yours

Love your life, perfect your life,
Make everything in your life a thing of beauty,
Seek to make your life long and full,
And devote its purpose to the service of your people

Prepare your music in your heart and perfect it each day
Ever ready for the day when you go over the great divide.
Always give a word and smile when passing a friend or stranger
And show respect to all people but grovel to none

When you arise in the morning give thanks for your blessings,
For the food, the air, and the sheer joy of living,
And if you see no reason for giving thanks,
The fault lies only in within yourself

Abuse and mistreat no one and no thing, never giving in to anger
For abuse turns a wise man into a fool, and robs your spirit of all vision,
And learn well the lesson of violence,
For no matter what the cause, or how just, violence only brings the same

When it comes your time to die, accept it as a part of life
Be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death,
Those that weep and pray for more time to live their lives in a different way,
Instead sing loud your life music and rejoice in your return home…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 28, 2009

Yesterdays and Tomorrows

Would you have me live in yesterdays
Holding to the what ifs, the might have beens,
I’m repentant my love, but I must live for today,
For I would have our tomorrow begin fresh and new.

All the yesterdays you hold are dead
Long gone, they will see the suns light no more,
Our tomorrow rests just ahead
And with each step forward we write a brighter future

So we can dwell no more on what was,
It can’t be changed, so kick it loose and let it fall
Come walk with me and open up our future
We can make it so rich and true,
If only you believe, in the strength of us

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 28. 2009

Four Steps

I look into the pool and see my reflection.
I become aware of my sense of self, the core of me.
But the pool does not mirror back the whole of my being.

Thus begins my First Great Awakening.
Lessons acquired by my quiet listening within
Simply learning I am more than what I see.

I have learned that death is but a transitional phase of life.
Dying may end my physical existence, but I continue
Beyond my physical state is my true spirit, my part of the one
Closing my eyes I hear someone call my name,
I know the voice, recognize them from my past
And I see them once again, come to walk by my side.

Thus begins my Second Great Awakening
To know I exist beyond any physical limitation
And time itself is no barrier to my soul.

Before me is a bridge of light, my connection here with the greater
Spirit strong, wrapped in the love of my friends, I step forward
And together we dance within all the colors of the universe
As we cross, awareness comes, I learn more of my part of the one
I step beyond my physical being, break free of time,
Imagined boundaries and linear existence fading away.

Thus begins my Third Great Awakening
Rejoining the all of what I am
And remembering my true self once more.

I now well know the lessons of the wheel
The Serpent in the south, the place of the beginning,
Where I came to address the wounds of my life
How I shed my past the way the serpent sheds its skin,
And in so doing I no longer had to relive old pain and history.

Jaguar in the west, the place of the death,
Where I came to address my fear of change and the dark shadow.
My emotions showed me how death can become my ally
Teaching me to be impeccable in all aspects of my life.
Once I conquered my fears, I was able to act decisively
Moving ever forward into a brighter future.

Hummingbird in the north, where I learned to drink from the well of knowledge,
Just as hummingbirds drink only from the sweetest flowers, I drank from light
I learned to hear the voice of wisdom, not allowing the old critical voices
Those that would insist I could not be who I was really becoming.

Eagle in the East, representing the power of vision
This is where I learned to push myself beyond my limited knowledge,
To search and find the surprising ideas that can bring about creative change
Embracing opportunities for a better future, for both myself and all mankind.
And gaining the courage to stand by my conviction, ever striving to aid

Thus begins my Fourth Great Awakening
Making peace with the journey now behind me
Reaching forgiveness and acceptance of my past
Know that failure is but the smallest part of trying.

For I have looked into the pool and seen my reflection.
And it allowed me to become aware of my sense of self, the core of me.
And knowing now that the pool does not mirror back the whole of my being
For I am so much more…

For I am not the reflection, but the pool itself…


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 27, 2009

Tell Me of Love

The way you are, a vision divine
Any man would die to simply see your face
What are you doing with a fool like me
What did I do for you to share your life with me?

So this night I ask for answer to my plea
How did I ever win your love, warm your heart?
What did I do, what did I say, what did you see?
What made you turn your love my way?

Well, I’m the guy bound never to advance,
No fancy car, big house with picket fence
The plain simple life is all I can offer you,
What a miserable waste for such a vision of the stars

My overwhelming fear is that when I awake,
I find it all but a dream, happiness imagined
Because my love, you’re by far the best thing,
That could ever have happened in my life

So one more thing that I just have to know,
For I fear this love does scare me so,
What is it that you saw in me?
What do you feel when we embrace?

The way you are, a vision divine
Any man would die to simply see your face
What are you doing with a fool like me
What did I do for you to share your life with me?

But, for all my questions, I do know, this is love…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 26, 2009

You Know it Will

Thinking about how many times I have fallen from the light
Inner blessing lost to the dark voices calling loud and luring
A most special blessing from the heavens brought you to me
And I cannot forget

I have been all around the world
Forever looking for that woman to share my path, complete me
That special someone who knows our love shall endure
And you are one that knows it will
You know it will

When you see southern stars shining for the first time
You begin to understand why we walk this way
The truth you have been seeking becomes so clear
The blessing promised, the promise of a coming new day

To begin living for this moment instead of for tomorrow
Dark dreams dying, for our bright tomorrows lay ahead
Your love is my anchor, tied to me with chains of compassion
I have my journey yet, signs leading along the path
You with me now, all I ever needed, I hear the music in your name

Faint memories of now how many times I have fallen from the light
Inner blessing lost to the dark voices calling loud and luring
A most special blessing from the heavens brought you to me
And I cannot forget

I have been all around the world
Forever looking for that woman to share my path, complete me
That special someone who knows our love shall endure
And you are one that knows it will
You know it will

So together we worked, created, and built
Two as one now, never to fail, so much easier with our love
Our union will never be bested, strong, complete, eternal
For as long as time flows I will never forget my love for you
And you are the one that knows it will
You know it will…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 26, 2009

For As Long As I Am

The slightest touch of you sets my very soul afire
A glance from you enough to restart my weary heart
In unbridled wonder I hear words I never dreamed of
Amazement that this little I have to offer is all you need or want
I hold on, wrapped tightly in this heaven of your love
Can there be a greater joy in one man’s life?

All the hurt I thought still here now gone
Your simple laugher chasing it all away
And you believing me to be the answer that you need
How can this lowly man supply the compassion and care you deserve?

Take the time to look into my eyes and learn the truth
There can be no other for me but you on this path
You are my reason to continue to battle to live
Can you feel it now, do you know the magic you wield?

On this day I make a vow that I will hold till eternity ends
My promise to give you all the love I can, unrestrained and free
To allow no other to come between us, or conflict to impede
For you are the most important part in my life

And thus you will remain for as long as time flows
And for as long as I am…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 26, 2009

The Battle

Lady of the light where are you gone
Briefest of glance as she turned and is lost,
Prince of Peace astray in the gloom of despair
And Raven’s cries still echo across this empty land
While I am left here to walk the night road alone.

But I dance in the darkest of the night,
Singing my call to a morning of hope.
The dark Lord may ride with forces unbeaten
But with time and courage I will overcome.

Throw down your plow and hoe, arm for the fight
Hide not locked away in your homes
For side by side we can win back the light
Defeat of the darkest of them all
Future once more bright with promise

Can you hear the horses’ thunder from the dark abyss
Dismal cries from the lost ones calling their last
With blessings of angels, together we surmount,
Resting only as we await the return of the eastern glow

Strongly rooted apples of our valley hold
Grown only from the seeds of happiness,
Strewn upon the richest of ground
Rich from our most tender of loving care,
Repayment for the blessings received from the one

Come dance in the darkest of the night,
Sing our call to a morning of hope.
The dark Lord may ride with forces unbeaten
But with time and courage we will overcome.

The apples turn to brown and black,
The tyrant’s face is red and wry.
War is the common cry, a net to gather fools
All to bend you to pick up your swords and follow
A world created by the greed and power of a few

I beg of you, listen not, resist their false siren’s call

Well my friend, the night is long
The sands of time pass slowly down the glass
With tired eyes held still on yon golden horizon
We yet await that coming eastern glow

The pains of war, how can I describe
And not to be left the wasted woe of the aftermath
Fate bender’s drums shake yon castle walls
Ringwraiths riding in black upon fetid stallion bones
Death leads, cackling with glee at the carnage beyond dream

Sing loud of hope and love as you raise your bow
Shoot straighter than before, a better future guides your shot
As we dance with the dark forces of night, together we triumph
Song thunderous in the dawning morning light
We bring the balance back to this world, cast aside the power and greed

At last the sun shines true and bright once more
Clouds of blue roll gentle by, birdsong fills the air
Slight darkened gray shadows linger from the flames of the night
The dark Lord and his forces lay beaten and dead under foot

For together, we overcame, and light and love abound!

Peace returns at last…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 24, 2009

Carry On

I awoke in sadness unbearable
For I knew you were really gone
This imperfect new day, this now darkened path
Pale, washed out dawn sky, you gone your way, I mine
How can I carry on with this emptiness inside?

Clearing sky, night stars yet shine,
Have I cried enough, pain filled soul
The new sun comes up, the world softened and clean
I must rejoice for I have no choice but to carry on
A life to continue devoid of your love

I remember our fables and dreams
Songs sung of a tomorrow now not to come
Desolate witness to the depth of my pain and sorrow
How now do I continue my journey? World washed pale and indifferent
How do I carry on along this now meaninglessness path?

Where are you, where do you travel now?
What are your tomorrows, who brings you happiness?
Do you share my sorrow, know my pain?
Oh, these questions of a thousand of dreams
What do you feel, what world do you see
My lost lover, please talk to me

Sudden whispers from the darkest corner
Flashes of hope, yearning, reaching, to hold once more
Learning what it was that made you run, healing begins
Trying my best to relearn and join once more
Questions of a thousand dreams begin to feel real
What do you feel, what world do you see, what future?
My lost lover, please talk to me

And we are
Together once more, shared future bright
The love I’ve held now filling my world yet again
Hand in hand we walk a path shining with light
Shared journey now walked with happiness and love
Sun beaming warmth on our steps, birdsong rich in our days
Together again we carry on along this now enlightened path

We carry on…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 24, 2009

Who We Are

While talking to a friend today, the conversation turned to just how hard it is to live with some of the memories we have. We weren’t talking about all of the good memories of course. Not the memories of your first kiss, your first crush, your first time, remembering your first bike, the one you bought after saving forever, coming in 5 boxes and a bare frame, which after months and months of hand assembly fired and came to life. The first smile of your child as they discovered some wonderful new thing for the first time, or their face as they woke you at 4 a.m. “just because they lubed and mussed you”.

We were talking about the memories of traumatic episodes in our lives, the violent loss of loved ones, betrayal, conflict, or even the clanging crash of metal and squealing tires that announced the end of that new acquaintance, soon to be friend’s short life. The buddy that you just had breakfast with while he bragged for the six thousandth time about the girl waiting for him back home, going suddenly silent, and the feeling of what had been him now splattered all over your back. Or, perhaps the long agonizing weeks spent helping a friend make peace and pass on to the next journey. Trying help them find peace and to free him or her from their fear, regrets, and that seemingly never-ending impression they have of “things undone”.

How, if somehow we could have managed not to remember these events, how much easier life would be now? Without the nightmares, without the years of pain, without the long years of heartache and night terror, wouldn’t life be so much better than it is with them? Of course just talking about these brought them right up to the front of our minds, and with them a reliving of the pain and anguish of those times.

But that “wishing for peace and memory loss” is a mistake. For without living through the pain and suffering times, how else would we know just how good the good times really are? A look at what the bad times have done for us. Each trial we go through makes us stronger and wiser. They teach us to be more understanding and caring for our loved ones. We learn not to take for granted what we have today, for tomorrow is never set. If we’re smart, we learn that most of the daily ‘problems’ that pop up in our lives aren’t near as important as we might think. To become more focus on the ‘really’ important things in life, and to take the time to make the most of every minute we have.

And maybe most importantly, we are now what our experiences have made us. What would life be without both the agony and joy of living? And to truly live, you have to have both.
Take a moment to re-evaluate your self. Decide whether the withering conflict over petty differences or views, are really worth the price it will take from your life. We’re all here for a short time…

Peace and Love,

Painted Dreams

Blank canvas, filled to the depths with a wonder of image
Timeless as the temples of the old ones
Seconds pass till breath returns
The brush once released, dripping in crimson
Giving birth unto future incarnate

Cloistered in rhythm, a streaming of vision
An opening of sight, and you come…

Then and now, anew and renewed
I have always known you
Ancient and new, this sight that I see
The all of me feels, reels in rapturous joy
All madness filling core with gladness
Too soon fading away, lost to yesterday

Behind these eyes the muse cries for release
Strew principles, the simple path my guide…

Whispers from the darkened shadows
As I paint a single grain from unknown beach
Drips of color, a flowing of thought
Purest delight, soul quelling peace
Nothing added, yet nothing missed
Brush filling the page, emptiness complete

Parched thirst now sated, this parchment full
Brush creating the words, this world has awaited…

The journey begins again…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 12, 2009