The knowing

Without stepping outside my door, I open my heart to life
Without eyes to see, I see the real meaning of the Life
Yet the more I know, the less I truly understand

I arrive, without having left
See the light that surrounds, without having looked
Accomplished so much, without having done a thing

In pursuit of truth, every moment adds something new
Yet for each moment lost, some known is misplaced
I’ve learned not to compel, but allow it to happen

Finally, I’ve arrived, comfort in non-action.
Nothing is done, yet nothing is left undone
This, the true mastery of my inner soul

I let things go their own way.
For there is nothing to be gained by my interference.
I have no mind of my own, but work within the mind of all life.

Treat well the people who are good, but equally those that are not
Trust those that are trustworthy, yet equally those that aren’t.
This is the true path of spirit.

My mind is likened to the vast universe around us.
So many lack understanding, they look to me and wait
They are my children, and I would but somehow teach

I give myself up to whatever the moment brings.
Knowing death to be an illusion, life but a short journey of mind
Nothing to hold on to, no resistance, no strife, true peace for my soul

I think not of my actions, they flow my inner core
So, holding nothing back from life, I am ready for death’s call
As all are ready for sleep after a day’s work, I am ready to return home

Resting, in peace, until the journey starts again…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 5, 2009

‘Learn today for tomorrow,
Live today as though tomorrow will never come’


One thought on “The knowing

  1. life is not so much the knowledge of how to live, but the learning of how to die. and yet for every moment lost, every love, every friend, every thing. we learn how to die. a better death.


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