Four Steps

I look into the pool and see my reflection.
I become aware of my sense of self, the core of me.
But the pool does not mirror back the whole of my being.

Thus begins my First Great Awakening.
Lessons acquired by my quiet listening within
Simply learning I am more than what I see.

I have learned that death is but a transitional phase of life.
Dying may end my physical existence, but I continue
Beyond my physical state is my true spirit, my part of the one
Closing my eyes I hear someone call my name,
I know the voice, recognize them from my past
And I see them once again, come to walk by my side.

Thus begins my Second Great Awakening
To know I exist beyond any physical limitation
And time itself is no barrier to my soul.

Before me is a bridge of light, my connection here with the greater
Spirit strong, wrapped in the love of my friends, I step forward
And together we dance within all the colors of the universe
As we cross, awareness comes, I learn more of my part of the one
I step beyond my physical being, break free of time,
Imagined boundaries and linear existence fading away.

Thus begins my Third Great Awakening
Rejoining the all of what I am
And remembering my true self once more.

I now well know the lessons of the wheel
The Serpent in the south, the place of the beginning,
Where I came to address the wounds of my life
How I shed my past the way the serpent sheds its skin,
And in so doing I no longer had to relive old pain and history.

Jaguar in the west, the place of the death,
Where I came to address my fear of change and the dark shadow.
My emotions showed me how death can become my ally
Teaching me to be impeccable in all aspects of my life.
Once I conquered my fears, I was able to act decisively
Moving ever forward into a brighter future.

Hummingbird in the north, where I learned to drink from the well of knowledge,
Just as hummingbirds drink only from the sweetest flowers, I drank from light
I learned to hear the voice of wisdom, not allowing the old critical voices
Those that would insist I could not be who I was really becoming.

Eagle in the East, representing the power of vision
This is where I learned to push myself beyond my limited knowledge,
To search and find the surprising ideas that can bring about creative change
Embracing opportunities for a better future, for both myself and all mankind.
And gaining the courage to stand by my conviction, ever striving to aid

Thus begins my Fourth Great Awakening
Making peace with the journey now behind me
Reaching forgiveness and acceptance of my past
Know that failure is but the smallest part of trying.

For I have looked into the pool and seen my reflection.
And it allowed me to become aware of my sense of self, the core of me.
And knowing now that the pool does not mirror back the whole of my being
For I am so much more…

For I am not the reflection, but the pool itself…


Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre July 27, 2009

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