Heed the Call

Born and bred to wave the flag,
Red, white and blue meaning more than God.
Just a band playing and a call from the chief,
And they’re ready for another rich man’s war,

You know the folks born silver spoon in hand,
Do you think they help themselves at all.
And who’s door does the taxman come to,
Not theirs to be sure, not theirs,

Folks blinded by star spangled eyes,
Answer freely when they call you down for war,
One day can’t you ask them if you dare
Just how much more can we give?
And they will just answer More! More! More!
Well not me my friends, not me.

I’m done with dancing to their needs and their greed
And if you’ll join me we might make a change.

You see there is no war if no one heeds the call…

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 3rd, 2009


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