Let Go the Silence

I walk the darkness once more,
Familiar old friend, come to talk at my side
This nightmare vision’s softly roaring call
Leaving seed of doubt while I sleep
Visions planted in my brain by corruption vile
Battles waged with the silence of the one within
Battle eternal from without and within

These restless dreams I seem walk alone
Narrow streets of concrete and trash
‘Neath the dim wane light of dirty lamps dark
I turn my collar up to the cold damp gutter
Shield my eyes from the neon lights glow
That convoluted calling of the wall street elite
From those untouched by the silence of truth

I look around and see the millions in huddled mass
Shaking in fear, blind though see, believing the lies as truth
Talking without speaking, hearing without listening
Where gone the humanity, the morality, the care
I write songs that I can never share without fear
For no one dare read, no one dare believe
This too disturbing, the sound of silence

I would have you know just what it is you do
This silent allowance grows liken a cancer in our world
I beg you hear my words that I might enlighten
Take my hand that I might help you reach out
But I fear my words too late, too quiet, too harsh
Ever echoing in the vast depths of power and control
In the dark wells of the silent masses

I look out and see all the people bowing in prayer
Enthralled to the false neon gods of so many names
And the few that dare send a drafted word of warning
Ever lost to the media blasts, lies in the name of entertainment
Centuries of prophets used only as excuse for murder foul
These new age priests residing in government halls
Do I dare even whisper or the hold yet  to the silence

Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre December 8th, 2009


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