Heart stopped, Bones shattered, Blood flies
Can I not now attain Eternal rest?

Father of two, a good man to his wife
Can I pull the trigger- and let the bullet fly?
The shot that would forever silence the man
The ringing that will be forever remembered
And yet to many, forgotten as soon heard
Only a statistic, another body six feet under

Static change, A body at rest
Yet causing so little change it goes unnoticed.

Two souls cry out in anguish for their father
Widow’s heart overflows with pain
The world shrugs, he’s easily replaced
Only a static change, a body at rest
Making no difference in their lives
Going by silently, nothing of concern

I fall into the shadow
No chance to get back up
Light too far out of reach
So full of apathy, saturated with pain
No hope left within the faults and darkness

Despite everything…
I just keep it a conspiracy of silence…
Steve ‘Easy’ Whitacre April 21st, 2010

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