Old Journey

Old Journey

I sit, images of the vision rolling through my mind
All of the sensual felling, taste, smells, weariness of step
The people spread out before me, covering this vast valley
My mind pulled back to the fallen and the lost
Journey’s hardships too far, too much a challenge

Traveling from the far west
Over the highest of the frozen ice
Ever to the east, to promise and renewal
Finally into this untamed, rewarding country
Welcoming woods of elk, mammoth, and bear

Left behind men of barbarous war and death
With their weapons of stone topped bone
Those that brought death to a peaceful people
Lost in the fire of their creed and want
Lost to war on themselves, the people now safe

Dancing in the light of his fire, flute and drum ring out
Festal nights, companion ship and growth
A shared learning of futures bright with promise
Of nurture, honor, and virtue, a grace unreckoned
Sitting comfort in the warmth of his robes
The loving people filling my soul

To journey once more, that to future bright…

Steve ‘Easy Whitacre September 20th, 2011

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