Set It Free

Thoughts create, words paint
Open the gateway of the imagination
Hope in the rhythm, belief in the rhythm
Evolving meaning, tenderly crafted in time.

I set my imagination free, thoughts igniting soul
My spirit is once more afire, bringing through darkest night.
Walking through shallow calming waters
She feels him watching her from the waters edge
Self trapped by the Master of Maidens, Poetic Bloodlines
Trapped in his layer of his lies, Tied up by their hair

Lost as slave to her master, she must keep feeding ink
When he blinks, She thinks, must find escape
Weeping ink, whipped to Perfection
Tears of Tortured imposed Creation
“She” the missing link to his salvation.

Dreaming of Deliverance, answer comes
Calling light from within
On her knees, she calls the strength
Bursts forth from the chains.

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