Bullets and Death

Our politicians love bullets and death
Love to aim them at those who love trees,
Jealous of the love they can never share
Very short on kindness and morality
So keep  us at war so they can feel good,
Ego fed on the blood of our young,

Sacrifice remembered after you’re dead they cry,
Though you’d rather stayed home with your kids,
Thin,mask, hidden from public, their lack of conscience,
Put a flower in the rifle’s mouth, no more of your wars
“Flowers are better than bullets,” pure hope speaking,
Give no flowers to a state following an outlaws truth,
The U.S. Reciprocates, with cynical, cruel gifts,
Your gift was the bullet blasting the flower,
Ripples leaving every apple orchard blossom black,
Blackened in mourning, ah, how the lilac smelled!
Left with no feelings but betrayal and pain,

And yet still all those on high exclaim the act,
Condemning stamp of traders they all  said it,
Not but a bum, letting down family and state,
All the dead are bums, not crime now,
Lie down in the cool green grass,
Smell of sweetness wafting in air,
Done with dressing in new Madison clothes,
Done with books and their lies,
I used think to be a student, truth now known,
While I studied fine arts, they guided my thoughts
Never a mention of other side of arts exist,
Blood and terror, herdsmen with a genius for the axes,

Who was Hitler but a cubist of gas chambers?
In the name of the Earth Mother I curse your works,
You the masterful architect of lies,
Maestros of murder! Mothers of the world whisper
“O God, God!” and seers afraid to look ahead.
Death dances a rolling song upon the bones
List of times and places to long and hidden
On what stage is it booked to dance tomorrow?
So many of the children lost and gone,
Families left in ruins and loss, where the future?
Rise up, Tokyo girls, Roman boys,
Take up your flowers, hold true peace in your hands,
Against the common U.S. Foe, together you can win,
Threaten their global money rather than declaring war,
A blooming blizzard of peace and growth,
Returning flowers for war! Wash hate from future bright,
Apt punishment for the punishable!


Long quiet conversations
The topics changing faster than the hours passing by
From the mathematical basis of the natural verse
To the wonders of Spirit and the discovery of such
An investment of time, so small for the wonders obtained
The wonder of our growing understanding
And truths we now share

Simple kind words
Offered without partiality
Without Judgment
Freely shared to promote understanding
Balanced with the patience to listen
And a real desire to know
This the empathic sharing of two souls

My Faith

  The Tao te Ching (the way and its power)will serve as your spiritual companion and gently guide you to higher consciousness. Written 25 centuries ago, the Tao has been translated more than any book, excepting the holy bible. In ancient China, during the Zhou dynasty, Lao Zi (“the old child”) penned the Tao as a handbook for leaders. Note: Lao Zi is often spelled Lao Tzu. Do not let the fact that it is written in esoteric language dissuade you from studying and learning to live the Tao principles, if you yearn for the wisdom of inner-peace, personal balance and Truth. Today, Taoism is a Chinese religion though for me it is more of a philosophy, focusing on the principles of the Tao.

  Let me begin by identifying my personal Tao persona. In Chinese, Te is a virtuous person; a person who lives an authentic life. How many of you have searched for the way to live authentically? I know I have. Like other spiritual work, walking the Tao path is a process, which one may practice for a lifetime. Here are a few traits of the Tao person. As you continue your studies, you will discover more. To follow the Tao I respect the cycles of nature and honor all of its co-creations. I embrace change. I strive to detaches from problems focusing rather on knowing solutions will come. I realize nothing is the experience itself, but how I perceive it. I strive to hold great love for the simple, instead of the complex. I am often asked “What is the Essence of the Tao?” The essence of Tao is contained in the first line of the Tao Te Ching (the way and its power). Tao One – “The Tao that can Tao is not the eternal Tao.” Note: Tao is both a verb and noun and means many things, for example, “spiritual path” and “to speak” and “change”. Sit with the quote for awhile. If you are keeping a Journal to Inner-Peace write the first line of Tao One and any insights you receive in your journal. Note: Though I prefer working with the original translation, you may find the more “modern translations” easier to comprehend at the beginning of your path.
  Things to Ponder about the Tao te Ching. The Tao is the nameless source of all-that-is. In other cultures and beliefs it might be called God, Allah, The Great Mystery, or perhaps even The one. We need but remember that as part of the greater whole, the Tao person accepts what-is, what we are, and the potential of what we are becoming. We can’t speak of Tao because it is nameless and wordless.
The Tao that could be spoken of is not the eternal Tao, because the Tao is a process that we practice, a constant state of learning and moving forward. If you start walking the Tao path to wisdom, you will claim it as your “handbook” and most likely will carry it about with you. I would recommend for you to read it slowly. Read it again. Read random passages. Journal about the way and its power. Ponder…
  I have two versions on my website, the first at https://ohioeasy.wordpress.com/2010/06/15/tao/ and the other at https://ohioeasy.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/thesingingtao/
Both found in the Other Writings section of my site.


Together we can stop this…

American Involvement in Wars from Colonial Times to the Present

Dates War in Which American Colonists or
United States Citizens Officially Participated
Major Combatants
July 4, 1675 –
August 12, 1676
King Philip’s War New England Colonies vs. Wampanoag, Narragansett, and Nipmuck Indians
1689-1697 King William’s War The English Colonies vs. France
1702-1713 Queen Anne’s War War of Spanish Succession) The English Colonies vs. France
1744-1748 King George’s War (War of Austrian Succession) The French Colonies vs. Great Britain
1756-1763 French and Indian War (Seven Years War) The French Colonies vs. Great Britain
1759-1761 Cherokee War English Colonists vs. Cherokee Indians
1775-1783 American Revolution English Colonists vs. Great Britain
1798-1800 Franco-American Naval War United States vs. France
1801-1805; 1815 Barbary Wars United States vs. Morocco, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli
1812-1815 War of 1812 United States vs. Great Britain
1813-1814 Creek War United States vs. Creek Indians
1836 War of Texas Independence Texas vs. Mexico
1846-1848 Mexican-American War United States vs. Mexico
1861-1865 U.S. Civil War Union vs. Confederacy
1898 Spanish-American War United States vs. Spain
1914-1918 World War I Triple Alliance: Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungary vs. Triple Entente: Britain, France, and Russia. The United States joined on the side of the Triple Entente in 1917.
1939-1945 World War II Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan vs. Major Allied Powers: United States, Great Britain, France, and Russia
1950-1953 Korean War United States (as part of the United Nations) and South Korea vs. North Korea and Communist China
1960-1975 Vietnam War United States and South Vietnam vs. North Vietnam
1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion United States vs. Cuba
1983 Grenada United States Intervention
1989 US Invasion of Panama United States vs. Panama
1990-1991 Persian Gulf War United States and Coalition Forces vs. Iraq
1995-1996 Intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina United States as part of NATO acted ‘peace keepers’ in former Yugoslavia
2001 Invasion of Afghanistan United States and Coalition Forces vs. the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to fight terrorism.
2003 Invasion of Iraq United States and Coalition Forces vs. Iraq

This list is not complete, leaving out the Cambodia(1976-1977), Laos(1977-1979), for example.

Essential purpose

The essential purpose of our walking this path is to improve our spirit’s knowledge of love, giving, and wisdom. All of us genuinely want to serve, to aid in creating a better tomorrow for all life. As some of our spirits are younger than others and we must find compassion in this while seeking guidance and teachers to help us grow and learn, all of which while remembering we are all one. Strive to understand the overcoming pain of others so that you can  really connect with them and perhaps make a difference for the good in their lives. Learn to understand who you are and build on that. I must tell you, the more pain and adversity which comes to you, the more opportunity to expand and aid others. These are our sacred opportunities. Namaste all…