Bullets and Death

Our politicians love bullets and death
Love to aim them at those who love trees,
Jealous of the love they can never share
Very short on kindness and morality
So keep  us at war so they can feel good,
Ego fed on the blood of our young,

Sacrifice remembered after you’re dead they cry,
Though you’d rather stayed home with your kids,
Thin,mask, hidden from public, their lack of conscience,
Put a flower in the rifle’s mouth, no more of your wars
“Flowers are better than bullets,” pure hope speaking,
Give no flowers to a state following an outlaws truth,
The U.S. Reciprocates, with cynical, cruel gifts,
Your gift was the bullet blasting the flower,
Ripples leaving every apple orchard blossom black,
Blackened in mourning, ah, how the lilac smelled!
Left with no feelings but betrayal and pain,

And yet still all those on high exclaim the act,
Condemning stamp of traders they all  said it,
Not but a bum, letting down family and state,
All the dead are bums, not crime now,
Lie down in the cool green grass,
Smell of sweetness wafting in air,
Done with dressing in new Madison clothes,
Done with books and their lies,
I used think to be a student, truth now known,
While I studied fine arts, they guided my thoughts
Never a mention of other side of arts exist,
Blood and terror, herdsmen with a genius for the axes,

Who was Hitler but a cubist of gas chambers?
In the name of the Earth Mother I curse your works,
You the masterful architect of lies,
Maestros of murder! Mothers of the world whisper
“O God, God!” and seers afraid to look ahead.
Death dances a rolling song upon the bones
List of times and places to long and hidden
On what stage is it booked to dance tomorrow?
So many of the children lost and gone,
Families left in ruins and loss, where the future?
Rise up, Tokyo girls, Roman boys,
Take up your flowers, hold true peace in your hands,
Against the common U.S. Foe, together you can win,
Threaten their global money rather than declaring war,
A blooming blizzard of peace and growth,
Returning flowers for war! Wash hate from future bright,
Apt punishment for the punishable!

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