“My Final Goodbye”

As I’ve told you often before, and I think you know
I’ve loved you more than life from the very first day
Thought that we would stay forever, together path shared
But the time has come for me to leave, returning home

Before we turn out the lights and close our eyes in sleep
I’ll tell you the secret I’ve held throughout my life
Its you that I have lived for, and for you I now must die
So I’ll Lay here with you, sharing this final goodbye

Hold me my love, draw me close
Listen intently to my heart, as I feel the beat of yours
Outside the world wages its wars, crushing all life
But here together we rest in peace and love,

As long as you know what comes
I Promise you our love will carry on
Until you also turn eternal and we are rejoined
Once more we are re joined as one
Sharing our love Eternal

Brush my respectful lips for one final time
And hold fast to the memories of a path well shared
Its you that I’ve lived for and for us both I now die
So I’ll lay here with you till that final goodbye

So do not grieve my passing
For I will be awaiting for you
And in that time in the future
Rejoined, together for true

I love you dear heart…

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