For my wife dearest, and I do oh so cherish her. Waste no possibility to focus love and respect toward those who may come into your life, and in my case my dearest wife, who without whom my life would be left lacking, a hollow shell of the joyful fulfilment that it is, and has been. Two as one, journey of soul, I love you with all of my being…



Just one quality that has to be remembered: Witnessing.
This small word “witnessing” contains the whole of spirituality.
Witness that you are not the body.
Witness that you are not the mind.
Witness that you are only a witness
One small thread in the path of all life
Joined as a part of the whole, one in unity
One in soul…

Drifting Free

Mind clearing, soul cleansing
Slowly I become one with myself
As I become, the noise of the world fades
Images of what could be form
What should be, if we create
World drifting by meaningless
Now life becomes the importance
All life, equal, together, eminence
A true growth, together at long last
All one as meant to be


Our Life and Love

My life a lost nightmare when you first joined bringing light
Year after year of hard struggle, yet you stayed at my side
You blessed me with my son, even more joy to my life
And together working hard to build what we have
And then you brought me my daughter to love and to hold
And through more long years of struggle still we held firm
Then a crisis unimagined as I worked as a slave
But again you stood beside me, helped rebuild, carry on
Through all my years of teaching, you my standard for love shared
Again came more crisis, made me ready for my trip home
This time too much for us both, divorce raised it’s ugly head
But even then with shared sadness, not anger or hate
After long lonely years we both learn to love another
Both sharing of ourselves, rebuilding, love renewed
Then many years of happiness, loves building, joy returned
Tho even with our new loves, our love for each other still strong
I lost mine first, could no longer share of my pain, no fault to her
And tho I still love her, selfishly left for my solitude alone
Then true tragedy struck you and Ron, damn cancer took him home
I remember my tears flowing as I sat writing you my poem Grief
My heart truly breaking to think of you in such pain
And somehow back together, perhaps fate stepping in
I remember your words, “Steve, would you marry me again?”
And here we are, our second coming, building again, round two
Yet our shared love even stronger, more important, most true
And for whatever time I have left I will continue to hold
For I love you dear wife, with all my heart and soul…

Things to make us think again…

Top Ten Causes of Death per Year in The United States:
Number of deaths for leading causes of death

Heart disease: 599,413
Cancer: 567,628
Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 137,353
Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 128,842
Accidents (unintentional injuries): 118,021
Alzheimer’s disease: 79,003
Diabetes: 68,705
Influenza and Pneumonia: 53,692
Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 48,935
Intentional self-harm (suicide): 36,909

Guns didn’t even make the list…

And if you go to this link you can get even more detail information by visiting

  So I guess the most important thing I learned in researching this is Hunger and poor nutrition, directly or as an underlying cause for the fatal diseases listed the previous, causes 36 million deaths per year accounting for more than 1 death each second on average. Statistically, a child under five dies every 5 seconds on average as a direct or indirect result of poor nutrition.[8] This is 6 million children per year, more than half of all child deaths

Looking at the chart at and you find firearms coming out pretty safe overall. So after reading all this, I ask you my friends to truly think for yourselves and try to figure out what is really behind the sudden great push our government and (their tightly controlled media) against all legal ownership by law abiding citizens? When is it They want to suddenly remove my 2nd amendment right and ability to defend myself and my family? I’m an avid fan of history and know well what happened in Germany when Hitler did this same shit. I in know way want to see use end up in the same mess, though in truth the way we have been raping other counties over the last 30 years is sadly pretty close to it. Maybe it would make more sense to take control of our military away from the feds, bring all our men and women home to their own states, and allow them to serve each state in a truly defensive roll only? Just think of the difference, 50 independent states, yet all equal and interacting. Just think how much easier it would be to get meaningful things done with only 50 representative, no parties, no electoral college, States holding local elections to let their one representative know where they stand, allowing that representative a clear view of how to responsibly represent those they serve. There, and end to my ‘rant’ I guess. Let’s get together as an equal caring people, call for binding local elections on this matter, and create a far better future for all of us. I would really welcome all replies pro or con, thanks. Steve Easy Whitacre

Life in a new era


No matter the trials, life endures

No matter the mistakes, life will learn

No matter the need, life will give

For in working through the trials, strength is found

And in the making of mistakes, knowledge is gained

For living in need, understanding becomes as one

Therein life continues to grow and prosper…