Will You Help Create Better

So, would you stop and help this need?
Would you give what you can, weather
Sharing time, aid, or simply love for another?
Can you help all of humanity freely
So we together create a far better world?


Rust and Broken Dreams

Rust and Broken Dreams

I remember a time where there was nothing else in my dreams but visions of a bright future, happiness, love, devotion, respect, and family, all of which to be shared with the one of whom when joined with me created a true oneness unrivaled in the entire history of all life. Once more, as it has too many times in the in the past, the end has come.

A difficult painful time for me once more, but one I have become accustomed to. I have found that the inner self of me holds much love and care, including an overwhelming absolute need to hold respect for my partner as an equal and true individual. No ego, no control, just dedication, respect and love, so when those feelings are not returned I admit to being completely surprised and shattered. For me it leaves a sense of bewilderment over how two so close, so joined, can be so fundamentally different at their cores. I am left with only the soul burning lasting pain of confusion, loss and despair, and the question I can find no answer to,

“How can this be once more? and yet still I love with all my heart and soul…”

I will of course go on, being I am full to the bursting with love and soul…

For myself, for I refuse to allow those betrayers to take away the best part of me, I will carry on as the Great Spirit created me, and focus on those I hold love for, no matter if it is returned or not, I must be true to myself and who I am. For can I not? Too much love and care to allow it to go to waste, have got to continue and take the pain as it comes…