Spirit Calling

From simple lines,
and a small splash of colour,
can you Feel Spirit Calling?



For I Love

When I tell you that I Love You that’s what I mean. It doesn’t mean that I want to sleep with you, or anything like that. It means that I care enough about you to walk in front of you clearing the path through hell. It means that I ride beside you, as you equal, holding nothing but respect for you and who you are. It means that I will always have your back. It means that I already consider you a member of my Family for life. I would crawl through Fire For You…The Light Within

Never An End

Remember, there that there is a Divine spark within each of us that is located in the heart and core of our being, and this spark never truly dies, it simply returns to whence it came from, and those of us that understand can rejoice in the knowledge of that return, even as we mourn the loss for ourselves. begin to heal my friends, remember to love, remember to live…

Sometimes it seems, the weight of the world rests on women, but together it need not be so...
Sometimes it seems, the weight of the world rests on women, but together it need not be so…

Girl and the Butterfly

In the Dream that Inspired this picture, the little girl was outside with her medicine bag, and as she held it a butterfly would land on it, then fly away, she would then open it and there would be a new gift of beautiful white turquoise, and the sounds of her parents fighting inside would get less. After pretty much a whole of the afternoon of this, her Father came stomping out and began chopping wood violently, and the butterfly didn’t come back. With her little bag full, she ran down to the medicine woman to ask her what to do. The Medicine woman quickly made her a truly beautiful necklace and two bracelets. Then she was told to go give one of the bracelets to each her Father and Mother saying nothing. he little girl asked “But how will they know what they’re for?” The old woman answered “Because Creator will remind them.”